About Us

Paddle boarding was just an idea before it transformed into a passion for us and through that process that we learned so much more about this amazing sport.

We learned that paddle boarding is the key to a healthy lifestyle, that it feeds us both physically and spiritually and we learned that nothing is more exciting than packing an inflatable paddle board in a backpack and getting out in the water.

Here at PaddleLove.com, we’re big fans of getting out in the water and enjoying the outdoors. There’s so much waiting to be explored — if only more of us could simply unplug long enough to enjoy it!

One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is with an inflatable paddle board. Super convenient, affordable, and durable, an inflatable paddle board is an investment that you won’t regret. It’ll pay you back with many years of great stories and memorable adventures.

Because we know first-hand about the importance of quality gear, we enjoy sharing our passion and enthusiasm for the stuff we believe in. We hope that you’ll enjoy checking out our inflatable paddle board reviews, SUP articles and tips, and that you’ll come to enjoy this cool hobby as passionately as we do.

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