Airhead Popsicle 730 inflatable SUP Review

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In order to understand the true value of Airhead, we highly suggest you check out their selection online and study the customer response consensus. Founded in 1991 in Colorado, Airhead has managed to build a significant reputation in the US and abroad. In fact, the brand is even more popular for their selection of watersport accessories in the river-rich region.

So, when we heard about their tiny popsicle board, we were rather intrigued to say the least. Truly, we have reviewed hundreds of boards on this website, yet it is so rare to see a brand this big go for a board that is specifically designed for kids. That being said, let us take a closer look at the Airhead Popsicle and hopefully help you make your mind up.

Airhead Popsicle 730 Review – Features & Specs

  • 4 fixed thruster fins
  • 1 center carry handle
  • 1 D-ring beneath the nose
  • 1 toeing D-ring beneath the tail
  • Soft Diamond EVA traction pad with tail kicker
  • EZ Push Hi Pressure Valve
  • Includes :
    • Mesh backpack
    • Stainless steel tow ring
    • Hi pressure hand pump
    • Pressure gauge
    • Valve wrench
    • Board strap & repair kit

Dimensions 7' Long x 30" Wide x 6" Thick
Material Military Grade PVC & Drop Stitch
Weight limit 230 lbs
Number of D-rings 2 D-rings

  • 1 D-ring beneath the nose
  • 1 toeing D-ring beneath the tail
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 4 Fixed Thruster Fins
Volume NA
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


AIRHEAD POPSICLE 730 inflatable SUP reviewThe size of a board is almost always significant in a lot of ways. In that respect, we must premise this section by highlighting the fact that this is primarily a kids’ paddle board. However, we also spotted some adult enthusiasts using this tiny board in various creative ways, including river surfing.

First things first, the length of a board is going to tell us what kind of paddler it can handle and most importantly, how it is to perform. Accordingly, the Airhead Popsicle measures exactly 7 feet in length, which is really short compared to other boards but still taller than the average person. Hence, this board is going to make a perfect match for all kids above the age of 9-10 and even younger, depending on their aptitude. Further, being this short, the board at hand exhibits tremendous stability, which makes senses, considering how wide it is.

Speaking of which, width is a direct influencer over stability and comfort. So, once we knew that this board stands at 30 inches, we were truly surprised. Throughout our humble experience, we learned that the average width for adults boards is somewhere around 30 inches and seeing a tiny board like this one maintain that same ratio has got to be mighty stable. Further, the spaciousness on the board is going to make for plenty of room for the kids to move around comfortably without the risk of constantly falling off or capsizing the board.

Finally, thickness is the one dimension that most reviews rush through, completely ignoring its significance. The Airhead Popsicle measures a staggering 6 inches in thickness, which once again is standard for premium adult boards. Needless to say, the thickness of this board says a lot about its quality since it doesn’t only mean that the board will remain emerged but it will also never bend or flex at the center. Finally, this exact spec enables the board at hand to handle up to 120lbs or 55kgs.


It is undeniable that quality is a corner stone in this equation, especially since this is an inflatable paddle board. iSUPs have suffered the follow-up of a shaky reputation for all inflatable water sport tools. Hence, in order to rise above these suspicions, Airhead made sure to highlight just how powerful this board is.

Accordingly, the Popsicle might be tiny but it’s one hell of a tough board but how can you prepare an inflatable object to confront rocky shallows and aggressive environments? Well, the answer to that can be summed up in one phrase: military grade PVC coating.

Certainly, puncture proofing an inflatable board is tough but it’s almost unbelievable how rigid the Airhead Popsicle is due to its thick outer shell. Also, the board at hand adopts the brand’s famous X-cross drop stitching approach which seals the PVC layers perfectly together in a consistent and tight pattern. Hence, you can rest assured that this tiny board would hold strong for years upon years without showing a single sign of weakness.

Quality is generally aligned with rigidity but that’s not always the case. When talking about the reliability of this board, we can’t help but think of the premium aesthetic finish, the resilient feature installation and how that contributes to performance in the long run.


Before talking about performance, we must take a moment to observe the most prominent features on the Airhead Popsicle and find out just how much it had to sacrifice due to its smaller size.

  • It would be reasonable to sacrifice anything in order to make room for the gripping pad due to the essential role it plays. Hence, the board at hand went for a wide expanding EVA pad that covers most of the surface in order to grant the tiny paddlers a better grip over the board no matter how agitated they get. Also, the gripping pad will help them control the board better in most environments.

  • In respect to practicality, the board at hand comes with a molded-in central handle that will enable kids to carry the board individually once inflated and that’s always an advantage.
  • Further, the Popsicle comes with a couple D-rings under the nose and on the tail of the board to enable towing, securing the board or installing a much recommended ankle leash.


There’s no doubt that the Popsicle isn’t ideal for racing or touring but it’s still a fun little toy that can be described as an all-around iSUP. Truly, the board at hand showcases a wide lifting nose and a narrow tail, proving that it will be both responsive and stable enough for kids.

The board also features a quadruple-fin navigation system for steadier tracking and an overall better command over the hull. That being said, the Airhead Popsicle is a perfect match for juniors. So, whether your child will enjoy it or not depends on their skill-set.

Airhead POPSICLE 730 Junior iSUP


AIRHEAD POPSICLE 730 ISUP - PackagePackaging is obviously a significant deal with adults and an even bigger deal for kids because it makes the difference between a holistic fun experience and a pain in the back. Accordingly, the Popsicle comes with:

  • A high pressure hand pump for easy and quick inflation
  • A mesh backpack that will enable the board to dry out in the bag
  • A pressure gauge to measure the PSI of the board
  • A valve wrench to man the inflation gauge


  • The board at hand is robust and fun which are two critical elements for children
  • The Popsicle is tiny yet still capable of handling anywhere from 30 to 120 pounds


  • The package is decent but it lacks a much needed paddle.