Aqua Marina Breeze Inflatable SUP Review

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Aqua Marina has proven to be the one brand that can extend to reach newer horizons. Actually, this is a manufacturer that managed to establish a solid reputation within the water sports product category with a rather extended line of inflatable paddle boards.

The difference between Aqua Marina and other big named inflatable SUP boards on the market can be summed up in the definition of hard work for each of them. Hence, when looking for a good paddle board, you’ll be faced with a multitude of options that aim at catering to the exact needs and requirements of a variety of users.

So, what is it that makes the Aqua Marina Breeze a recommended iSUP for you, and why you should or shouldn’t click that purchase button?

Aqua Marina Breeze Review — Features & Specs

  • Heat embossed anti-slip EVA non-slip deck pad for maximum traction and durability.
  • Double-wall drop-stitch PVC construction
  • Onboard bungee and multiple D rings for holding whatever you need for a fun day out.
  • Three removable fins (one large center, two small sides)
  • 1 center carry handle
  • Complete Package includes :
    • Backpack with a fully adjustable shoulder strap
    • High-pressure pump with gauge
    • Removable center fin
    • Adjustable aluminum two-piece paddle

Dimensions 9'0" Long x 30" Wide x 4.72" Thick
Material Double-wall drop-stitch PVC construction
Weight limit 209lbs
Number of D-rings 7 D-rings

  • 4 D-ring on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 2 D-rings near the tail for high-back kayak seat attachment
  • 1 leash attachment ring on the tail
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins Three removable fins (one large center, two small sides)
Volume 200 liters
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 1-year warranty


Aqua Marina Breeze ReviewStarting at the most significant variable amongst inflatable boards and boards in general, size is quite an influencer on your pick but it is especially the case for iSUPs. Accordingly, here is a detailed report on the size and properties of each dimension on the Aqua Marina Breeze.

Starting from the most significant point of measurement, the board at hand measures a generic 9 feet which is almost the perfect length for entry-level inflatable paddle boards.

Indeed, at this exact length, the board is made compatible with most paddlers out there and that ranges from teenagers and all the way up to adults. Moreover, the board’s length will go on to impact even the performance of the board, making it more poise and a solid tracker.

As for the second most important dimension, the Aqua Marina Breeze remains within the safe zone as it measures a subtle 30 inches. For the better of your experience, Aqua Marina decided to stick with the universally approved width on the Breeze for a couple of reasons.

First, at this width, the board strikes a sweet length to width size ratio, granting it more stability and responsiveness.

Second, the board is also made to be impressively stable and roomy, leaving space for you to move around and adjust comfortably without the constant concern of falling off.

Last but absolutely not least, the Breeze goes with a rather humble 4.72 inches in thickness which is as much as you should expect from a board within this price range.

Indeed, the thickness is not exemplary but it will definitely confirm the board’s strength and keep you above water in most circumstances as long as you respect the weight limit.

Speaking of which, the board at hand offers a maximum weight capacity of 209 pounds, which should be enough for most lighter people such as women and children. However, if you’re a bigger guy like me or you’re looking to take gear, dogs, or small children, Aqua Marina Paddle Boards come in a wide range that you can choose from including: Thrive iSUP, Magma iSUP, Vapor iSUP, Fusion iSUP … etc.


Quality is definitely a relevant factor here if not the most relevant as it determines just how reasonable or out of reason the price tag is. Luckily, however, this entire line of Aqua Marina boards undergoes the same creation scheme.

Hence, just like all Aqua Marina iSUP boards on this line, the Breeze also exhibits a skin base of military-grade PVC material which is the same stuff that the army uses to build its aquatic arsenal. Indeed, military-grade PVC is used to build zodiac boats, military-grade swimsuits, and even some bulletproof vests; making this board virtually tougher than anything else on the market.

Moreover, the board at hand is even further enhanced via an industrial drop stitch construction which is used with all inflatable paddle boards to tightly seal the seams on the hull and leave no room for error. Indeed, this is an impenetrable build and one which makes the Breeze virtually indestructible.

Aqua Marina Breeze iSUP Review


Features is a mandatory review segment which we learned that it’s also the most exciting part about inflatable paddle boards. Indeed, it is the practicality and these little features which set apart inflatable paddle boards from the standard rigid ones and that is why Aqua Marina decided to hook this board up with as much as possible while keeping some authenticity.

  • Starting at the overall design of the board, it is undeniable that the Breeze looks unordinary. Well yes, it floats and tracks just like any other iSUP board but it’s not as sharp. In that respect, it should be noted that this is designed to be an entry-level board which is why it’s rather bulky and smoother on the edges. As fun as it would be to own a sharp looking board, for a beginner, it will be significantly easier to use the Breeze as compared to something more advanced. So, if you’re not a complete beginner then you can upgrade.


  • Also, the board’s impressive gripping pad situation has got to be one of its best features. Actually, the pad will prove to be extremely practical as you learn your way around it but for starters, it will significantly improve your balance and stability which is key for beginners. Also, the pad’s firm grip will enable you to have a better command over the board and that is pretty neat.


  • Moreover, the board also features a number of D-rings distributed over the surface of the board. On the front, of the board, there are 4 D rings connected via a bungee cord, making an impeccable cargo net (A.K.A: Tie-down system). The net can be used for multiple purposes but most importantly, it can be used to transport/secure anything from your paddle to your sandals.


  • The board also features a couple of rings near the tail which are meant to help you install a kayak seat.


  • It also comes with a single D-ring by the tail which is meant for safety leash attachment.

Aqua Marina Breeze iSUP - Features


As far as performance is concerned, one thing is for certain and that is that the Breeze is one hell of an entry-level board. Indeed, this might not be the thickest board out there but it’s still very reliable for someone who’s looking for a fun board that would make their summer break a little better.

Also, the navigation system on this iSUP is rather impressive. Actually, with 3 separate fins, you can expect some responsive handling and improved straight-line tracking which cannot be said about most boards within this price range. Hence, do not underestimate this board as it is capable of doing whatever a high caliber board can but to a lesser degree.


Aqua Marina Breeze iSUP Review - PackageThe Aqua Marina Breeze at hand features a wholesome package that includes:

  • A high-pressure hand pump with pressure gauge
  • A lightweight aluminum paddle
  • A removable central fin
  • A backpack carry bag that can fit all of the above + a deflated board
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  • The Aqua Marina Breeze is a budget-friendly inflatable paddle board.
  • It’s designed for entry-level paddlers.
  • It’s a great all-around inflatable paddle board.
  • It comes in an all-inclusive package.
  • Perfect board for women or children


  • The Aqua Marina Breeze is just 4 inches thick.
  • Limited weight capacity for extra gear, dogs, or kids.

Aqua Marina Breeze iSUP Review