Aqua Marina Monster Inflatable SUP Review

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Aqua Marina has got to be one of the biggest competitors for the title of the best inflatable paddle board manufacturer for 2019 and a large contributor to this stream is their wide range of iSUP boards they’re offering.

This puts Aqua on top of the charts in almost every region of the US and perhaps even Europe. So, why continue reading this review when you can just go and click the purchase button right away?

Well, there’s absolutely no need to rush such a decision because paddle boarding depends on more than just a robust board with an impeccable reputation. Accordingly, let’s take a closer look at the Aqua Marina Monster and hopefully help you reach a conclusive decision.

Aqua Marina Monster Review — Features & Specs

  • Extra thick and durable 6" double-wall drop stitch material for stability and stiffness
  • Honeycomb groove, heat Embossed EVA deck pad for maximum traction and durability
  • Sculpted balance flow curves board design
  • Elastic bungee cords for carrying personal belongings
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for ankle leash attachment
  • One large removable center fin
  • 1 center carry handle
  • Package includes :
    • Board
    • Large slide-in fin
    • Backpack
    • Hand pump with an integrated pressure gauge

Dimensions 12'0" Long x 32" Wide x 6" Thick
Material Tough 6 inch (15cm) double-wall drop stitch core material
Weight limit 352lbs
Number of D-rings 5 D-rings

  • 4 D-ring on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for ankle leash attachment
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins One large removable center fin
Volume 347 Liters
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 1-year warranty


Aqua Marina Monster ReviewThe reason we always start with measurements is rather obvious. Indeed, this is the one factor that can break the deal before you even proceed to discuss quality or features. So, let’s crack the case.

An overall look at the Aqua Marina Monster will tell you quite a lot about the board but most significantly, its length will almost always come first to your attention. Indeed, this is perhaps one of the biggest

Aqua Marina boards on the market and that’s already limiting. Indeed, the average user of this board will often be limited with the adult range and that makes this board inadequate for teenagers and even some young adults, depending on their size.

Nonetheless, the extra feet in length will compensate so much on the performance level as will be further discussed under the performance tab.

Further, the width of inflatable paddle boards is often generic, remaining with the 30 inches margin and that’s because it simply works. However, Aqua Marina has built the Monster with 32 inches in width.

At that margin, the Monster hits a sweet spot for the length to width ratio, making it an even more balanced platform and one which can perform efficiently in most environments.

Beyond stability and balance, the board will also provide you with enough space to adjust yourself continuously without the risk of falling off every time you budge.

Last but absolutely not least, the board’s thickness is rather exemplary as it leaves nothing to chance. At an impressive 6 inches in thickness, the board is definitely going to show some impressive durability and strength.

Without a single doubt, the board will stand strong even under excessive weight and will not bend at the center unless if it’s used to transport elephants to Europe.

Long story short, the Aqua Marina Monster is capable of handling up to 270 pounds as a maximum load and that is impressive.


For a board to be able to handle that much weight, it has got to be robust. So, how can Aqua Marina achieve such rigidity in a board that is primarily inflatable?

Well, it’s simple. PVC is the answer to almost everything industrial nowadays because it’s simply unbeatable. However, the company at hand doesn’t use just any PVC but military-grade substance. Unbelievably robust, the board is made out of the same matter as zodiacs and bulletproof vests which can already say so much.

However, what’s even more impressive is the fact that the Monster is further enhanced via an industrial drop stitch construction that glues the hull together perfectly, leaving no room for seams to survive and definitely no collateral punctures unless if used to snowboard down the rocky mountains.

All in all, the Monster is one of the toughest iSUPs on the market and one which has endured sufficient torture tests to stand out as a viable and long-lasting option.


Certainly, features have not gone old yet for inflatable paddle boards and the evidence is right here. This iSUP might not be the latest board on the market but it definitely carries around a bunch of practical features that would make your experience even more enjoyable.

  • If you do yoga, workout or simply like to paddle while standing in diverse environments then you’re going to really appreciate the giant EVA gripping pad spread almost all over the back of this board. Indeed, the pad covers almost the entirety of the board and that makes it one of its best features as it enables you to move around freely and comfortably or even make room for a couple of friends.
  • Further, the Monster at hand features a very interesting set of D-rings. With four rings on the nose of the board, you are set with a handy cargo net that will help you transport or secure any of your belongings when paddling alone and especially things you can’t leave at bay. Also, the board features an extra D ring on the tail for ankle leash attachment.
  • With a single fin, you’d expect nothing less than solid manoeuvers and agility from this board and you’d be right. Indeed, with a single fin, you can slice much easier and alter track more efficiently which often signifies a relative lack of tracking ability but a much smoother experience as you learn your way around the ropes.

Aqua Marina Monster inflatable SUP Review - Features


There is quite a lot to say about the Aqua Marina Monster but before all, we must shine more light on the fact that it’s an entry-level board that is great for diverse paddling activities. From yoga to work-out and meditation to touring, the Monster surely puts in quite the resume and that makes it one of our favorite iSUPs.

The size of the board is ever so ingenious, making it very versatile and capable of taking on the most random environments and that can range anywhere from steady lakes to raging canyon white water.

Further, the navigation system just works. Indeed, this is nothing out of the ordinary but the command of this board is certainly going to be a piece of cake and stability will be its strong point.


Aqua Marina Monster iSUP Review - PackageIt’s always fun to peek at iSUP packages when doing these reviews because they always feel like opening Christmas gifts.

In that respect, the Aqua Marina Monster includes:

  • The board
  • A high-pressure hand pump with pressure gauge
  • A detachable central fin
  • A backpack carry bag


  • The Aqua Marina Monster is 6 inch in thickness
  • It has a large deck EVA traction which covers two-thirds of the board’s back
  • It’s reasonably priced
  • It’s quite stable and it tracks relatively well


  • It doesn’t come with a paddle, you’ll have to buy one separately.

Aqua Marina Monster iSUP - Performance

Aqua Marina Monster iSUP - Performance