Aqua Marina Rapid 9’6″ Inflatable SUP Board Review

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A universal brand like the Aqua Marina doesn’t need much of an introduction. This name was able to find itself a place amongst the elite of inflatable stand up paddle boards’ pioneers in a short time where dedicated efforts and hard work were directed towards being on top of this industry and in service of the clients.

Aqua Marina is proved to be a very innovational brand that combines modern technologies and high-performance material to make inflatable products that are guaranteed to last, serve and prevail.

One of their toughest iSUPs is definitely the Rapid. This board is made specifically to take on river waves and white waters.

In this review, we’ll get to be familiar with the Aqua Marina Rapid’s aspects and features, and how they make it a great surfing/adventure board.

Aqua Marina Rapid Review — Features & Specs

  • Sculpted balance flow curved board design
  • Durable double wall drop stitch PVC technology with additional fibre sewn into the inside wall of the top and bottom layer for increased rigidity
  • Extra layers of post inflation lamination for extra stiffness and reduced air leakage
  • Diamond cut EVA anti-slip pad and kick pad
  • Tie-down system with elastic bungee cord for storage
  • Stainless steel D-Ring on tail for safety leash
  • Towing D-ring under the nose
  • Action camera mount
  • Package includes:
    • Rapid Inflatable Board
    • Removable Centre Fin
    • 90L Magic Backpack Carry Bag
    • High Pressure Pump with Gauge
    • Valve adaptor
    • Action camera mount

Dimensions 9'6" x 33" x 6"
Material Durable double wall drop stitch PVC technology
Weight limit 287lbs
Number of D-rings 7 D-rings

  • 1 D-ring beneath the nose for towing the board
  • 4 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for leash attachment
  • 1 D-ring beneath the tail
Recommended PSI 15-18 PSI
Fins 5 fins
Volume 289 Litres
Carry handles 5 carry handles
Warranty 1 year


Aqua Marina Rapid Inflatable SUP Board ReviewThe Aqua Marina Rapid is rather a short iSUP; it’s only 9.6 feet long which was never random. This board is meant to be an advanced river SUP that can be easily maneuvered under quick action. Don’t get me wrong though; 9.6 feet is nothing near small; a large adult can ride the Rapid in complete comfort.

Next, the width aspect is as good as expected here. The Rapid is 33 inches wide making it a steady and stable board. The idea behind this iSUP was to create something that can be responsive and trusted not to flip when taking critical turns.

As for thickness, this board is 6 inches thick which all quality brands use as a standard measurement to build their iSUP. These 6 inches are enough to keep the board above water under any circumstance.

All in all, the Aqua Marina Rapid is a professionally build iSUP with meticulously designed dimensions for the best paddling experience.


Aqua Marina chooses nothing but the best and most durable material to construct their iSUPs, and that’s all there is to expect from such a name. The Rapid is build using Double layer Drop-Stitch technology that strengthens the core of the iSUP immensely making it very stiff and thick.

Also, the Super Tough Dual Stringer (STDS) technology makes the outer shell of the iSUP extremely rigid and virtually indestructible. Not only that; the 1000 Denier and PVC material here are also a huge part of the Rapid’s building. These two materials warrant a long life span for this iSUP.

To Sum it up, the Rapid is a sharp monster iSUP that weighs nothing more than 22 lbs in total with great shape and potential.

Aqua Marina Rapid Inflatable Paddle Board Review


The Aqua Marina Rapid is literally loaded with features and details that make it an impressive iSUP. Everything is carefully and nicely embedded to its body with a great design and a strong structure.

  • The first thing that’s appealing to the eye is definitely its shape and the nimble graphic design used to cover it; it’s outstanding, sharp and sporty. It’s not often that you see such nose shape on an iSUP; it’s meant to hit the rapids smoothly and firmly with its many angles.


  • Next, there are 5 carry handles to facilitate transporting the inflated board, though you’ll only need the central one to carry it on your own. These carry handles are rigid, soft and very comfortable to use thanks to the rubbery material used to make them.


  • What’s also soft and comfortable is the grooved traction pad covering two thirds of the board’s back. It’s extremely tough which directly adds to the stiffness of the board as a whole. This pad prevents any possible slippage while being in the middle of your adventure, as it won’t harm your feet at all.


  • There’s a tail kick pad connected right to the traction pad and it’s a super cool feature if you ask me. Standup paddle boarding doesn’t just stop at paddling; a feature like this will allow you to experience a whole different experience where you and the iSUP work together to deliver the most challenging and satisfying performance.


  • Now, who doesn’t like to keep a nice video of him/herself documenting their trips and wild adventures with great people/friends? Aqua Marina featured this board with an action camera mount and kit specifically for this matter. Now, you can install a camera to your board and save videos and memories of all your journeys.


  • The bungee system on the Rapid is a very rigid one with 4 durable D-rings on the deck. They’re connected with a bungee cord in order to secure whatever needed to the board. It’s enough space for all sorts of cargo.


  • Right beneath the deck, you’ll find a D-ring that’s meant for toeing. Another two are on the board’s tail and those are meant for safety leash attachment.


  • Last but not least; the navigation system on the Rapid is wild. There are 5 rigid fins with some really high end production to them. The large central fin is removable and is great for river surfing, while the remaining 4 fins are integrated. These 5 fins together result is a board that tracks perfectly straight and smooth in all different water conditions.


The Aqua Marina Rapid is made to impress. This board was able to take over some really strong waves without flinching; it’s super stable as it sturdily cruises through rough water.

In a lake; the Rapid was more like an inflatable platform that’s nearly impossible to flex or flip. It’s designed to defy hard natural circumstances and deliver a strong performance that would only strengthen the rider’s skill and effort.

Technically speaking; the Rapid is designed for advanced level paddlers who can safely handle rough and white waters. However, if you are a beginner and you want to pumper yourself with a strong luxurious iSUP, the Rapid is your guy. It’s wide, stable, indestructible and very responsive; and thus, it would make a great iSUP for anyone.


Aqua Marina Rapid Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board ReviewAqua Marina doesn’t know how to disappoint their customers.

The Aqua Marina Rapid comes in a beautifully neat package that includes:

  • An air pressure pump (18 PSI)
  • The Magic backpack.
  • A safety leash.
  • A removable fin.
  • An action camera mount kit.

The packages lacks a paddle which is a shame honestly especially considering the price tag on this paddle board. However that doesn’t reduce the value of this iSUP in any means.



  • The Aqua Marina Rapid iSUP is featured with a great traction pad and a tail kick
  • It comes with an action camera mount and kit
  • It’s super stable and versatile
  • It’s quite large (33 inch wide)
  • It has one of the strongest navigation systems
  • Its overall design is outstanding, sharp and professional
  • It’s an iSUP that’d serve any rider as needed


  • Again, this is another Aqua Marina package that lacks a paddle

Aqua Marina 9'6" Rapid inflatable SUP board Review