Aqua Marina Vapor Inflatable SUP Review

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Aqua Marina’s Vapor 10ft paddle board is an affordable all-around SUP that is a great choice for beginners. The Vapor recently got an upgrade 

The Aqua Marina Vapor Inflatable SUP is lightweight and easy to carry, but it is rigid enough to support your weight and has a comfortable, ergonomic design. This inflatable paddle board is perfect for people of all ages, but it is especially popular with teenagers and people who live in urban areas.

Aqua Marina is perhaps the closest thing to an OG in the industry of inflatable paddle boards. The brand at hand is one that is almost synonymous with inflatable paddle boards because they have almost existed simultaneously and that can already tell you a lot about this manufacturer.

Hence, Aqua Marina has managed to build a solid reputation through the years as one of the best iSUP makers out there and that’s because of boards like the Vapor.

So, let’s take an up-close look at the Aqua Marina Vapor and determine whether it’s the right board for you or not.

Quick Overview

The Aqua Marina Vapor 10ft 10in Stand Up Paddle Board is an excellent choice for water enthusiasts seeking to embark on an aquatic adventure. Measuring 10’10” x 30″ x 4″ in terms of length, width, and thickness, this board is relatively narrow and thin for its size. As a result, it offers some degree of speed for an all-around board, making it a desirable option for those who appreciate a swift ride.

The board has a weight capacity of up to 308 pounds, and despite weighing only 18.1 pounds, it’s suitable for adults of varying sizes. However, the weight and experience of the paddler significantly influence the board’s performance. With its lightweight and portable nature, it’s a favorable option for individuals seeking a board that’s easy to transport.

Additionally, the Aqua Marina Vapor comes with a sport-specific paddle, ensuring you have the correct equipment for your adventure on the water. It’s ideally suited for calmer waters but can handle all water conditions to some extent.

While the Vapor is not a super high-quality, expensive inflatable paddle board, it provides decent performance at an affordable price. So, if you’ve been contemplating whether a less costly iSUP is a worthwhile investment, the Vapor could be a good fit, given that it meets your specific criteria.

However, potential users should be aware of a few reported issues. Some users have experienced difficulties with inserting and removing the fin, and there have been occasional complaints about air leakage. Despite these minor concerns, the Aqua Marina Vapor SUP board remains a commendable choice for those looking to explore the water.

Aqua Marina Vapor Review — Features & Specs

  • Heat embossed, anti-slip EVA deck pad for maximum traction and durability.
  • Double-wall drop stitch PVC construction
  • Sculpted balance flow curves board design
  • Tie-down system for cargo
  • Extra D-rings to attach the high-back kayak seat
  • Three removable fins (one large center, two small side)
  • 1 center carry handle
  • Package includes :
    • Backpack with fully adjustable shoulder strap
    • High pressure pump with gauge
    • Removable center fin
    • Adjustable aluminum two-piece paddle

Dimensions 10'10" Long x 30" Wide x 4" Thick
Material Durable 4" double-wall drop stitch core material
Weight limit 253lbs
Number of D-rings 7 D-rings

  • 4 D-ring on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 2 D-rings near the tail for high-back kayak seat attachment
  • 1 leash attachment ring on the tail
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 1 center + 2 side fins
Volume 198 liters
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 1 year warranty


Obviously, the first area to inspect when buying an iSUP is the size because even if the quality of the board is outstanding, it would be irrelevant if it’s not the right fit.

Hence, it’s been tradition to start with length since it is the definitive dimension of the board and one which influences performance as well as user compatibility. Accordingly, the board at hand stands at an impressive 11 feet in length which is a double edged sword.

On the one hand, the board is made to be extremely efficient for touring, yoga, meditation and workout. However, it also excludes teenagers from potential users as it would be rather too large to handle. PS: with the exception of size.

Further, width has always been a marginal inspection for most reviews as most boards in the industry often stay within the 30 to 32 inches range which is the healthiest length to width ratio.

Also, at 30 inches, the Vapor is made to be extra agile and responsive while maintaining decent stability and facilitating balance for the paddler.

In fact, the board offers so much room so that you’d be able to adjust yourself continuously and naturally without having to constantly worry about sipping off.

Last but absolutely not least, thickness turned out to be one of the biggest influencers in the game as it impacts both quality and performance. Indeed, the quality of the board certainly depends on how thick it is and at 4 inches in thickness, the Vapor is standing a little closer to the limit than we’d like to see. Nonetheless, for a board of this caliber you can be certain that it’s as good as a 6 inches board and that will be further explained under the following segment.


As promised earlier, we will not let the critical thickness of this board slide without further inspecting its overall quality and for that we have to start from scratch.

Accordingly, the board at hand features one of the toughest base materials.Indeed, military grade PVC is a big game changer as it is often used to build Zodiac boats, rafts and some bulletproof vests.

Further, there would be no guarantee in body without proper stitching which is why Aqua Marina decided to go with an industrial double-wall drop stitch construction that makes it pretty much impossible for the hull to pull apart regardless of the situation or pressure.

Made virtually indestructible, the Vapor is thus still one of the toughest inflatable paddle boards in its category regardless of its thickness.

Aqua Marina Vapor inflatable SUP Review


Not about to let an inflatable paddle board slide without thoroughly inspecting its features. Accordingly, this is what you should expect from the Vapor and this is what every feature is good for.

  • Starting from the bottom, literally, the board features an impressive EVA pad both in size and efficiency. Indeed, one of the biggest things for Aqua Marina iSUPs is gripping pad because they matter so much. Especially for beginners, the pad will come in extremely handy for balance and stability but most importantly it’ll also grant you a firmer grip on the board and consequently improved command.
  • We have learned through the many reviews we’ve done already of Aqua Marina paddle boards that there cannot be an iSUP that carries this name but doesn’t carry rings. D-rings specifically, the Vapor at hand has quite a few spread almost evenly on the platform. Near the nose, you’ll find a collection of 4 rings attached with an elastic bungee cord making a great cargo net. Also, the board features a couple more rings near the tail which can be used to install a kayak seat, not to forget an individual ring on the tail for safety leash attachment.
  • For navigation, the Vapor adopts the triple fin system which has proven to be very compatible with paddlers of various interests. Hence, if you’re looking for smooth tracking or agile slashing then this set will definitely back you up.
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Aqua Marina Vapor inflatable paddle board Review - Package

Oriented more towards a touring mindset, you can tell that this isn’t a competitive board. However, that is exactly what makes it such a good option for beginners and amateurs who are looking for a board that can do everything.

From extreme white wash to steady lake cruises, the Vapor can definitely take it all but you must bear in mind that this is still an entry level board. Accordingly, you could have made your choice at the beginning of the article but you can also still make it now because the Vapor is a board that can make your ride worthwhile but it’s definitely not a competitor.


A great board requires a great package and this one includes:

  • A collapsible aluminum paddle
  • A high pressure hand pump
  • Three detachable fins
  • A sizeable backpack that can fit all of the above + board


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Suitable for adults up to 308 pounds
  • It’s a great all-round inflatable paddle board.
  • It comes in an all-inclusive package.


  • Difficult to insert and remove fin
  • May have issues with air leakage
  • At least one reviewer had an issue with the Aqua Marina’s warranty process

Exploring More Aqua Marina Paddle Boards

Aqua Marina has a pretty good lineup of additional boards. Below are some of their all-around models:

• The Aqua Marina Breeze, a compact board measuring 3 meters (9’11”) in length, is capable of supporting up to 100kg (or 220lbs). It utilizes the same technology as the Vapor, making it an excellent choice for lighter riders, children, or women.

Aqua Marina Fusion is a relatively longer board with a length of 3.3 meters (10’10”) and width of 81cm (32″). With a thickness of 15 cm and a weight capacity of 150 kg (330lbs), it’s a substantial choice.

• The Aqua Marina Monster lives up to its name. This 3.66m (12″) behemoth can accommodate up to 170kg. Its size, in conjunction with its high-quality construction, makes it an ideal selection for heavier riders, or those embarking on extended journeys with extra gear.

• The Aqua Marina Coral is a 3.1m (or 10’20”) board with a weight limit of 105kg. Its vivid hue is sure to catch your attention.

• The Aqua Marina Beast offers slightly more size than the Vapor model. At 3.2m (10’6″) in length, it can support up to 140kg (308lbs).

• The Aqua Marina Triton measures 3.4m (11’2″) in length and 84cm (32″) in width, attributes that contribute to its stability and comfort.

• Lastly, the Aqua Marina Atlas, at 3.66m (12″) in length and 86cm (34″) in width, is the largest among the all-around models. It can comfortably hold up to 180kg (396lbs).