Best Fishing Inflatable Paddle Boards Reviews

With all the different paddle boards options out there and the different uses of each, we start to get really specific with our little requirements, especially if we’re specifically looking for a fishing stand up paddle board.

An inflatable fishing paddle board is an iSUP which is designed with a fisherman/woman in mind. However, it is also a board that maintains the core qualities and functions of most regular inflatable boards out there.

In brief, the best fishing paddle board is a board which will facilitate the act of fishing for you while simultaneously performing as good as you’d want a paddle board to. Hence, our role in this little informative relationship is based on one little criterion and that is making the selection process a tad simpler for you by providing you with the 5 best inflatable sups for fishing on the market.

5 Best Inflatable Fishing Paddle Boards Reviews

#1- Atoll 11′ iSUP

Atoll 11' Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board reviewBeyond the idea of whether it is a reliable fishing board or not, the Atoll is a beast of an iSUP. That beyond the starting mark of this review, you can already tell that this little inspection is not going to go down a critical trail.

Nonetheless, this has nothing to do with our bias because the board at hand is truly a masterpiece and that is evident when you take into consideration its measurements.

Indeed, the Atoll at hand is 11 feet long which is spectacularly big and that will definitely influence your balance and consequently your fishing experince. Further, the board measures a promising 32 inches in width, which will push your stability even further, enabling you to move around comfortably as you go. Then there is the holy grail of the 6 inches thickness that will enable you to take the maximum weight capacity of the board up to 350 pounds at once.

Beyond measurements, the board at hand still has a lot to offer since it features an impressive list of little details that will make it a much more reliable inflatable fishing paddle board. That includes:

  • A highly satisfying gripping pad which covers up most of the critical region on the board, thereby improving your stability and granting you a firmer grip on the board.


  • A much needed cargo net which consists of 6 stainless steel D-rings and capable of securing anything from your fishing gear to your paddle whenever needed.


  • The board also features extra D-rings at the center. These rings are meant for kayak seat attachment, which will make your fishing journey even more enjoyable. (Kayak seat not included).


  • A solid triple fin navigation system is all you’ll need to keep your board as steady yet reactive as possible. Indeed, these fins are designed to create the most stable platform on water with the purpose to track and glide nicely which is essential for fishing.

As far as packaging is concerned, the Atoll comes with a nice little set that includes:

  • Highly reliable carry bag
  • High pressure hand pump
  • Central removable fin
  • Rigid ankle leash

#2- Airhead AHSUP-3 SS (Super Stable) iSUP

Airhead AHSUP-3 SS Super Stable iSUP ReviewUnquestionably, the Airhead AHSUP-3 Super Stable at hand is one of the best options for fishing out there and it is pretty evident just by looking at the board.

Beyond being a camo iSUP, which is already neat, the iSUP at hand has a lot to show for and it all begins with the extra rigid double-end drop stitch construction that pulls this hull tightly together, reducing the risk of damage to “impossible”.

Further, when getting into SUP”ing and fishing world, size must be one of your priorities because the last thing you want is a wiggly waggly paddle board that is smaller than your fit.

Hence, the Airhead makes it pretty evident that this is a young adult to adult size board starting at the 10 feet 8 inches length. The board is also designed to be very stable thanks to its independent double-side air chambers, making it an astounding 38 inches wide iSUP. Finally, the thickness has always been of paramount importance for paddlers because it directly impacts weight capacity which in this case stands at around 320 pounds max.

Beyond being extremely tough, the board has many features, which will definitely appeal to anyone with the slightest interest in fishing. Accordingly, the Airhead AHSUP-3 SS comes with:

  • A premium quality gripping pad that will make it surprisingly easier to adjust yourself on the board while standing and fixate harder when on your knees. Hence, a solid posture will definitely impact your paddling skills but even more importantly, it’ll grant you a firmer grip on the board.


  • Moreover, the board features balancing independent side air chambers, which will rocket your stability to a noticeable extent and that will definitely show on your fishing experience.


  • As its name suggests, the AHSUP-3 Super Stable might just be the most stable paddle board out there. It’s featured with a tri-fin navigation system.

As far as packaging is concerned, the AHSUP-3 SS comes with:

  • A backpack with mesh panels for instant dry
  • A high pressure hand pump
  • A valve wrench
  • An anemometer

#3- Aqua Marina Drift Fishing iSUP

Aqua Marina Drift Fishing iSUP ReviewIn the industry of inflatable paddle boards, Aqua Marina often raises the bar much higher than its competitors and it’s pretty clear that this brand is trying to take the lead for fishing sups as well.

Indeed, the board at hand is a dedicated fishing companion because it is designed with all the necessities that go with the task. Starting with the size of the board, the Aqua Marina Drift Fishing iSUP exhibits the right numbers for an adult paddler to enjoy the iSUP comfortably.

Accordingly, the Drift Fishing comes at 10 wholesome feet in length which is already a promising start. Moreover, the board pushes the bar further via its 38 inches in width which will create a stable and sustainable platform that goes with your fishing preferences. Lastly, the Aqua Marina at hand lands with a comforting 6 inches in thickness making it capable of withholding up to 350 pounds as a maximum weight limit.

As far as quality is concerned, the board at hand sets an example for inflatables in general being made completely out of military grade PVC material. Hence, the board is as sturdy as you’d imagine, which gives room for a few impeccable features:

  • A fish scale gripping pad that covers most of the board’s surface is all you’ll need to remain stable while standing tall on this board. Also, the pad will simultaneously grant you a firmer grip and command over the board.


  • Moreover, the board also features a nice little cargo net, consisting of 4 stainless steel D-rings which will come in especially handy when you’ll need to secure a paddle or a fishing rod.


  • Being probably the best fishing paddle board, the Aqua Marina at hand comes with a special built-in fishing rod holder which will make your experience worthwhile.


  • Lastly, the Drift Fishing iSUP features a single fin navigation system which is more responsive in most environments.

Lastly, the packaging of an inflatable board can say a lot about it and that is why Aqua Marina decided to hook this board up with:

  • A removable central fin
  • A back pack carry bag
  • A high pressure hand pump with pressure gauge
  • A kool fishing cooler with seat

#4- Z-Ray FS7 Fishing iSUP

Z-Ray FS7 Fishing inflatable paddle board reviewThere is a reason why Z-Ray FS7 often stands out as an inflatable fishing paddle board and that has got a lot to do with the company’s intentions. Indeed, unlike many inflatable paddle boards, out there, the Z-Ray at hand is actually designed for fishing and that is quite evident in so many ways.

First things first, the board’s shape and design are the primary features that give away its intention.

Being a fishing stand up paddle board is not as simple as you’d imagine cause it entails strong modifications in structure. Hence, the board at hand measures a promising 11 feet in length which is great for young adults and adult paddlers.

Further, for an inflatable fishing paddle board, 32 inches in width is more than sufficient to give you the stability and balance you’ll need to get that fish out of the water. Lastly, 6 inches in thickness seems to hit the perfect size for this Z-Ray.

P.S : This board can handle up to 330 pounds.

In order to cater for that much weight, the board requires a special build. Indeed, the Z-Ray FS7 at hand is made out of military grade PVC which is further enhanced via an industrial drop stitch construction.

Beyond being substantially powerful, the board lures in most of its buyers with a set of interesting features that are aimed at making your fishing experience much more comfortable. That includes:

  • A splendid anti slipping gripping pad is what you will need to enhance your stability when standing. Also, it will grant you a firmer grip and command over the board.


  • A cargo net is necessary for fishing which explains the 4 stainless steel rings installation at the center of the board. This will enable you to secure any of your fishing equipment or even a paddle.


  • The Z-Ray FS7 fishing iSUP also features a triple fin navigation system, which is the most responsive option. As far as tracking goes, the triple fin might require some guidance but it is still the superior pick when compared to single fin systems.


  • The board also comes with side tracks which can be used to install plenty of gadgets that can come in handy on your fishing journey, such as a kayak seat or a mini fish fridge.

Last but definitely not least, the board at hand might not be the top rated fishing paddle board but it’s definitely way at the top as it comes in a complete package that includes:

  • A large carry bag
  • An adjustable light weight paddle
  • A high pressure hand pump with pressure gauge

#5- Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler iSUP

Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler reviewIf you’re thinking that we saved the best for last then you’re probably right because this is quite the special inflatable paddle board. More like an inflatable kayak, the Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler is actually one of the most appealing fishing stand up paddle boards for many reasons.

First things first, the board’s size and design are a dead giveaway that this board was designed personally for fishing lovers. Looking at the board’s shape, you can tell that the board morphed into a kayak, which means that it embodies the qualities of both. Hence, the Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler stands at a splendid 11 feet in length, which is perfect for adult paddlers.

Also, The board’s wings grant it some extra space in width, reaching up to 36 inches and blessing you with all the stability and balance you’ll need to get that fish outside the water. Then, to wrap it up, the Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler finishes up with a solid 6 inches in thickness, making its maximum load capacity an outspoken 450 pounds.

However, for such a size, it was rather difficult for the makers of this board to attain a level of rigidity that will endures most circumstances which is why they went with the toughest military grade PVC material and finished it up with a premium build quality, including drop stitch technology.

The Blackfoot Angler sports some great features including :

  • A robust double cargo net installation, which consists of 6 stainless steel rings on the chest and on the tail, giving you all the room you’ll need to secure your paddle, fishing gear and even your shoes.
  • Most importantly, the Blackfoot Angler features 6 Scotty mounts, 3 on each side of the hull to enable you to install all you’ll need to make this your ultimate fishing hub. Indeed, the separate bases can be used to hook up your fishing rod, your paddle holder and even a large fish cooler for long paddling tours.
  • Further, let’s not forget that this board actually comes with one of the largest gripping pads out there which will significantly induce your stability and grant you a firmer grip on the board.

Eventually, it is important for every paddle board to send away their product with a package that’ll make maintaining it as simple as you’d like it to be. Hence, Blackfoot hooks you up with:

  • High pressure hand pump with pressure gauge
  • A large carry bag back pack
  • A removable central fin