Best Inflatable Race SUP boards Reviews

Inflatable standup paddle boards are now a great way to think about water activities and summer fun. They come in all sizes with plenty of designs and color choices, as they can conquer any water condition.

The navigation systems and the build quality given to these iSUPs make them quite versatile and practical which is honestly why most of you are interested in them. However, some boards are larger and faster than others, and that’s what this guide is all about.

In a successful attempt to miss nothing that an authentic board has, the iSUP industry spoiled its clients with some of the best racing inflatable SUPs. Actually, compared to hard boards, some of those racing SUP boards have a lot more to offer than just speed, and that’s why standup paddle boarding is winning big time.

Here, today, we are going to list the top 7 inflatable race SUPs that we think were the best at delivering exactly what’s expected from them and even more sometimes. With no further due, we hope that this guide will help you settle for the best inflatable racing board you’re looking for.

Best Inflatable Race SUPs – Compared

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Best Inflatable Race Paddle Boards Reviews

#1- Red Paddle Co Elite

RED Paddle ELITE Race inflatable SUP board reviewIt only makes sense to have one of Red Paddle Co’s iSUPs on this list; this name is a sign of strength, dedication and innovation in the iSUP industry world. Red Paddle Co walked the extra mile to make some of the stiffest inflatable SUP boards of all sizes and purposes with one thing in mind; to become the best.

The Elite inflatable racing SUP is an amazing board to be honest. Looking at it, it’s like you get to see greatness right in front of you in the shape of an inflatable board. It measures 14 feet in length which makes it huge and supreme, but it’s only 25 inches wide to make it super slim and sharp.

As a result, you get to witness one of the best inflatable racing SUPs that cut through the water like a sword with masses of strength moving it. And of course, the Elite is 6 inches thick with a weight capacity of 240 lbs.

Taking a closer look; this board is featured with a nice traction pad that covers half its back; it’s soft and thick for maximum comfort and functionality.

The other half of the board has something awesome that’s waiting for you. Red paddle Co featured this board with “Forward Flex Control (FFC) that stiffens the front section of the board to remove the flex created in sprinting phases of a race and when paddling into waves.” This system is made of a carbon compression strut that together with the RSS feature strengthen the board and make it way more rigid than most of its rivals.

The navigation system on this board is something else though; the built-in US Fin Box will allow you to adjust the fin according to your style and the water type you’re going to take over. These innovational features are something that Red Paddle Co is proud to make available for all of you to experience.

The Elite inflatable racing SUP feels exactly as you’d expect it to be; it’s super tough and durable and it’s guaranteed to beat many if not any other board.

Finally, you’ll be more than happy to know that the Elite Racing iSUP comes in a great package with high quality items and accessories and two years warranty.

#2- Tower Paddle Boards iRACE

Tower iRace inflatable Stand up paddle board reviewWith a large collection of inflatable stand up paddle boards that were inspired from the old days classic hard boards, the Tower upgraded their game immensely during the last few years providing their customers with great value for whatever they pay for plus great services. It was almost mandatory to include one of their inflatable racing SUPs because it would definitely be worth your while.

The Tower iRACE is a 12.6 feet long, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick. It’s a black and white board that is guaranteed to turn heads wherever it lands. The classic design given to it is similar to an authentic board which might confuse people sometimes. This exact design with that sharp nose and slim body is what makes it a fast board that can do both; racing and touring.

The iRACE is featured with a nice traction pad that’s soft with a tough grip so nothing slips off the board. Also, you’ll find a central carry handle that’ll make carrying the inflated board a piece of cake.

There is also the navigation system that consists of one large removable fin which I’m sure you know by now that it’s the norm for racing iSUP.

Now speaking quality, the name Tower does not miss around when it comes to that. The iRACE is made of heavy duty PVC material that’s proved to be virtually indestructible; once the board is fully inflated, there would be no more space for bending or flexing.

The only thing missing on this board is the storage area that’s usually on the deck; there are no D-rings except for the ones featured for safety leash attachment and toeing.

Doing a great job as a touring iSUP; it would’ve been great to see a bungee system where you can secure your cargo and paddle away. However, that shouldn’t change much about how cool is the iRACE.

#3- Tower Paddle Boards Xplorer

TOWER Xplorer Race Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board reviewIf you thought that the iRACE was a great board, wait till you see this. The Tower Xplorer is a monster racing SUP that’s 14 feet long, and that we believe is an unbeatable dimension, because any board that long is going to be a killer in the water.

The Xplorer will allow you to experience a great deal of stability, speed and support because it’s 32 inches wide and 8 inches thick. That right there was once a fantasy; an 8 inches thick board means an outstanding performance in the water; this board can be ideal for anyone in any water condition.

The Xplorer is featured with a nice diamond grooved traction pad that covers half its back and a central handle to carry it around easily. We usually see iSUPs of the same size featured with more than just one handle; they come really handy sometimes when surrounded with friends or family who’d help transporting the board. Also, and just like the iRACE, the Xplorer has one large fin as a navigation system and no storage area.

The build material on this one is as good as its predecessor; PVC material covers the whole body of the Xplorer making it as tough as a kayak or a boat.

Now in terms of speed, the Xplorer is definitely one of Tower’s fastest racing SUPs and it’s obviously faster than the iRACE though it obviously requires a little more maintenance regarding its huge size. However, both honestly make great racing and touring iSUPs with one of the best and most professional designs on the market.

#4- Aqua Marina Race Competitive iSUP

Aqua Marina Race Competitive Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board review

A name that’s considered to be a pillar for iSUPs industry is here with us today; Aqua Marina is a brand that’s never lagging behind when it comes to making inflatable standup paddle boards.

With a wide collection of all different iSUPs, Aqua Marina included a neat racing iSUP to complete their list.

The Race Competitive is our guy this time and it is 14 feet long which is what any racing iSUP should be. Also, it’s only 28 inches wide for maximum gliding ability and water cruising.

As for thickness, the Aqua Marina Race Competitive iSUP is 6 inches thick and that’s the best figure on the market.

This board is featured with a storage area with 4 D-rings on the deck; you’ll be able to take some extra cargo on board without affecting its performance in any way as long as you don’t exceed the weight limit (250 lbs).

Next, there is the traction pad that you might not find anything similar to it elsewhere; it’s huge and it cover the board’s back almost completely. It’s also very thick which stiffens the board even more.

Moreover, the Competitive, like most inflatable racing iSUPs, is featured with one removable fin that’s enough to keep the board in a perfectly straight tracking line in different water conditions.

Finally, there is a central carry handle for easy transportation and an extra D-ring on the board’s tail for safety leash attachment.

The good thing about this board is that it does great both as a racing and touring iSUP; it’s quite stable and versatile with a stiff body that’s easy to control in different water scenarios thanks to its military grade PVC build material.

As for the package, this board comes with a backpack, a fin and a hand pump, but no paddle.

#5- Ten Toes theJETSETTER iSUP

Ten Toes Jetsetter inflatable sup race board reviewThe Jetsetter made itself a spot in this guide because simply it’s one of the coolest inflatable racing SUPs that gained so much popularity for its simple yet professional design.

Ten Toes Jetsetter is a huge inflatable paddle board. It measures a solid 14 feet in length, 30 inch in width, and is 6 inch thick. It’s designed specifically for racing and picking up speed which brings us to mention that it is best suited for riders with intermediate to advanced paddling skills.

This board as well is featured with a storage area consisting of 4 D-rings on the deck in order for you to secure any needed item to the board. Also, there is a central carry handle to make transporting the inflated board an easy task with one single hand.

The traction pad on the Jetsetter covers half its back and it’s pretty soft and foamy allowing you to stand on it comfortably for long periods of time. And of course, this board is featured with a single removable fin that’s large and very easy to use.

All of what’s been mentioned above is everything an iSUP needs to be the perfect board for anyone out there. The Jetsetter is a fully equipped iSUP that feels and looks great.

Now in terms of quality, Ten Toes understood long ago that making inflatable iSUPs depends on durability and practicality in the first place.

The Jetsetter is made of military grade PVC as it was built using drop stitch technology to make it feel lighter without compromising a bit of its performance.

An iSUP like this is great for both racing and touring thanks to its slim body shape and pointy nose that make adjusting to different water conditions part of its regular performance.

Concerning the package, I’m happy to announce that the Jetsetter comes in a complete package that includes a paddle, a hand pump, a fin, a repair kit and a strap to keep the board folded in place.

#6- Z-Ray 12’6″ Rapid R1

Z-Ray 12'6" R1 Racing SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Review Zray did a great job making a variety of inflatable products that include mainly SUPs, kayaks and boats. The R1, however, is their famous inflatable racing SUP that’s known for its sharp and attractive appeal.

This board is 12.6 feet long, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick with a pointy nose and a soft tail kick.

It’s featured with a bungee system consisting of 8 D-rings where you can store almost anything, and another set of D-rings to allow you to attach a kayak seat if desired.

There are 3 handles on the R1 to make transporting it easy and practical, and a single large removable fin that works beautifully in different water conditions.

Now in terms of quality, this board is definitely a sharp one. It’s made of military grade PVC material that’s world widely the number one choice when it comes to building quality inflatable products. The traction pad on this one is rugged and thick and it covers more than half its back.

With a weight capacity of 352 lbs, the Zray R1 is a very stable board that’s even though designed for racing; it makes a great touring iSUP and it is here today on our list because it proved its ability to be fast, strong and versatile in ways that are meant to suit different riders and water activities.

#7- Zray R2 Racing iSUP

Z-Ray R2 Inflatable Race SUP board reviewYes; another board by Zray. But this time, the R2 is 1.4 feet larger than the R1 and 2 inches slimmer. This board is a clear upgrade to enhance the previous board’s performance and thus; improve your paddling experience.

The R2 is a huge 14 feet board that’s only 28 inches wide. Looking at it, this board screams speed and high end quality. I have to be honest here and admit that I find the R2 to be way more attractive and professional than the R1. This one comes in a simple sharp design with only two colors on it.

You’ll find a storage area on the deck with 6 D-rings and a bungee cord, as there are more D-rings to serve other different purposes.

The traction pad on the R2 is definitely something to appreciate; it covers almost more than two thirds of the board’s back and it’s super grippy and thick as well.

The build quality of this board is all heavy duty using military grade PVC and drop stitch technology to combine both stiffness/rigidity and light weight.

The R2, similar to the R1 on this one, is featured with a one large and removable fin that functions smoothly is all different types of water.

This fin helps the board keep a straight tracking line where cruising through the water becomes easier and faster when you put the power into it.

These were some of the best inflatable race SUPs that we came across; they are all special and different in a way or another where you get to decide which is best according to your preference.