Best Electric SUP Pump Reviews: 2023 Buyers Guide

Most paddle boards will come with a decent hand pump to inflate your board. However, even the best manual pump can take some time to inflate a board, and if you have a fleet of boards for your family that you’re in charge of pumping up, you might want to look into an electric sup pump.

You might be okay with manual pumping for now but at some points, it just gets so demanding and time-consuming, especially for people who often go out paddling. So, we end up avoiding deflating our boards to save up on time and labor the next time we use them.

So, without further a due, we took it as our duty to dig out the best air pump for inflatables on the market and we discovered a few options that you might actually like.

Best Electric SUP Pumps

OutdoorMaster Shark II Air Pump
(Top Pick)

Over the years, we’ve used a lot of different pumps on our sups. Most do a great job with a single board. However, when it comes to two or more, they often tend to overheat and just shut down. That’s where the Outdoor Master Shark II really shines. The Shark has a cooling system that they say allows it to pump up to three boards back to back. You can definitely do two boards in a row, pumping a third will be dependant on a few other factors. But all in all, still better than most other similarly priced pumps on the market.

A lot of boards have different fittings, meaning there’s not a universal connection for every board. The Shark II comes with a pack of connection valves actually screw onto the end, which will allow it to attach to almost any board on the market.

The Shark II pump is an electric air pump that has a PSI capacity of 20 PSI, which is higher than average for a sup pump. The sleek compact design and carry handle makes this pump very portable. With dual-stage inflation and an automatic shut-off feature, this pump will make sure your board is inflated to the desired PSI level (no under- or over-inflating your board).

This SUP pump also features a handy deflation mode for when you’re ready to pack up and head home.

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BTP Mano Two-Stage Electric Turbo Pump

  • BTP Two-Stage Electric Turbo Pump:
    • (Stage 1) Low pressure/high volume turbine blower
    • (Stage 2) High-pressure piston for higher PSI
  • Inflates up to 14.5 PSI in minutes
  • Stops automatically when selected pressure is reached
  • This two-stage pump will rapidly inflate with a high capacity turbine blower and then switch to a high-pressure piston pump to pressurize the hull from 1 to 14.5 PSI
  • Package includes :
    • 102" (8'6") cable w/alligator clips
    • 72" (6') inflation hose
    • Common valve adapters

Power 12V
Dimensions 12" x 4" x 6"
Weight 5.5 lbs
Max PSI 14.5 PSI
Air Hose Length 6 feet
Power Cable Length 8'6" cable w/alligator clips
Auto shut off Yes

 BTP Mano Two Stage Electric SUP pump reviewThe BTP Mano is an exemplary electric SUP pump which is why we decided to put it up first on this list. It’s one of the best SUP electric pumps out there. It’s a two-stage turbopump which is great for kayaks, boats, and down to boards.

From a stage one low-pressure high volume turbine blower, the BTP can go easily go up to a stage 2 high-pressure piston for higher PSI aka big boards. The pump is thus powerful enough to completely inflate your paddle board in a couple of minutes.

For features, the pump at hand comes with a 102 inches cable with alligator clips to run it from your car or any external battery, 72 inches inflation hose with common valve adapters, and a 12-volt battery (not included).

On the downside, the pump at hand is not capable of plugging into wall outlets or your car’s cigarette lighter.

Hence, the BTP Mano is still a great electric pump for paddle board as it is efficient, powerful, and comes with an automatic stopper that stops at the PSI level you chose. So, if you could disregard the little shortage on outlet flexibility then you’re hooked for life as this pump will come in handy every time you need to pump something that requires a lot of pressure and not just your paddle board.

2- Bravo BP12 Single Stage Electric SUP Pump

  • Lightweight and compact
  • High-Pressure Piston Pump
  • Excellent for smaller size hulls
  • Inflates up to 14.5 PSI in minutes
  • Stops automatically when selected pressure is reached
  • Package includes :
    • 102" (8'6") cable w/alligator clips
    • 72" (6') inflation hose
    • Common valve adapters

Power 12V
Dimensions 8" x 4" x 5"
Weight 2.6 lbs
Max PSI 14.5 PSI
Air Hose Length 6 feet
Power Cable Length 8'6" cable w/alligator clips
Auto shut off Yes

Bravo BP12 Single Stage Electric iSUP Pump review

The Bravo BP12 is an excellent electric SUP pump and that is a decision reached by the buyers themselves. Indeed, this is a pump that has accumulated a clean 4 stars rating on Amazon which indicates that a lot of people are satisfied by this pump. But why?

Well, the Bravo at hand is rather less complex than the previously reviewed pump as it is a single-stage Bravo sup pump, meaning that it functions efficiently continuously.

Further, the pump has got a lot more to show for being a portable, lightweight, and compact high-pressure piston pump but it still isn’t perfect.

The Bravo BP12 comes with 102 inches cable for alligator clips to run it off your car’s battery but it can’t be plugged into the wall or your car’s main cigarette lighter.

Nonetheless, this Bravo still comes with a 72 inches inflation hose that is enough for most cases and a valve adapter to fit pretty much every paddle board, kayak, or boat that you own.

Hence, the Bravo BP12 is considerably affordable and impressively powerful as it can inflate from 1 to 15 PSI in a few minutes and that’s the main reason why we need an iSUP electric pump anyway.

3- Tower Paddle Boards Electric Pump

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can reach up to 20 PSI - 1 PSI/minute
  • Excellent for Tower paddle boards
  • Comes with cigarette lighter plug-in
  • Automatic shutoff at a preset pressure
  • Package includes :
    • H3 nozzle on the pump hose
    • Cables for attaching the pump to either the car cigarette lighter or battery
    • Pump base with inflate/deflate mode (Inflate:1 PSI/minute, Deflate: 4 min)
    • Built-in gauge with ability to set desired PSI level (up to 20 PSI)

Power 12V
Dimensions 7" Height X 12" Long X 4.5" Wide
Weight 6 lbs
Max PSI 20 PSI
Air Hose Length 54"
Power Cable Length 10'
Auto shut off Yes

Tower paddle boards electric SUP Pump reviewUnlike most pumps on this list, the one at hand is actually made by an inflatable paddle board manufacturer and a very reputable one as well. Tower is a prominent brand in the industry of inflatable paddle boards and it’s about time they handed us THE pump we need.

Accordingly, the Tower pump is made with a paddle board owner in mind and unlike most powerful electric pumps, this one is actually pretty clean. Indeed, the Tower pump comes with minimum cabling because it doesn’t require alligator clips. Instead, you can plug it directly into your car’s 12V cigarette lighter and it will work just fine.

Further, beyond being compatible, lightweight, and convenient, the Tower electric pump is pretty robust. Hence, you don’t really have to worry about baby handling it because it can actually take the friction.

Moreover, the pump at hand might be modern but it is still capable of hard labor as it can inflate the largest Tower paddle board in a matter of minutes. This is due to the high-pressure piston it harbors and its ability to continuously pump at the same level.

Hence, the Tower pump can indeed be used with every Tower paddle board but it can still be used for most inflatable paddle boards out there and even if that’s not the case then you can get yourself a valve adapter for a few bucks, making this probably the best electric air pump for inflatables.

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4- Seamax SUP-20S Electric SUP Pump

  • The Seamax SUP20S electric pump is mainly made of marine grade engineered ABS and Nylon materials
  • Auto-stop at your pre-set air pressure
  • 360 degree-turning main air hose connector provides flexible pumping positions
  • Screw-in style adaptors provide perfect airtight
  • Built-in Digital Pressure Sensor
  • Digital pressure LCD screen
  • Can reach up to 20 PSI
  • Package includes :
    • Pump
    • Reinforced 4.5ft air hose
    • 5 Valve Adaptors
    • 9ft DC power cord

Power 11-13V DC
Dimensions N/A
Weight 2.86 Lbs
Max PSI 20 PSI
Air Hose Length 4.5ft
Power Cable Length 9ft
Auto shut off Yes

Tower paddle boards electric SUP Pump reviewThe Seamax is a SUP electric pump that is made out of marine grade material, making it especially compatible with iSUPs. Nevertheless, to achieve a mentionable stance, an electric pump requires more than just a compatible body.

Accordingly, the Seamax is a solid performer as well because of its single-stage pumping, ABS, and Nylon base. So, once you turn this thing on, you should be getting enough power to pump up a 15 PSI board in a few minutes as it reaches high-pressure performance pretty quickly.

In terms of accessories, the Seamax isn’t that much of a tidy machine since it comes with a bunch of necessary cables. In that respect, the pump comes with a reinforced 4.5ft air hose which is the perfect size for pumping, 360 degrees free turning main air hose connector, screw-in style adaptors that provide perfect airtight for a variety of boards, and a set of alligator clips for the 12V battery.

Unfortunately, the Seamax doesn’t plug into a wall outlet or a car’s cigarette lighter but it does have a digital pressure LCD to keep you in check. Also, the machine can be set to stop automatically at a specific PSI level which would allow you to go on multitasking while your board getting ready.

Hence, the Seamax might not be the best inflatable SUP pump, but it is still made in Canada, which does say a lot about its quality, and that makes this machine pretty trustworthy.

5- SereneLife SLPUMP10 Premium SUP Pump

  • Easy to use touch button controls & digital LCD display
  • Compact & Portable Design
  • Simple & Hassle-Free Operation
  • Adjustable PSI Air Pressure Setting
  • Powered via Car Power Outlet / Cigarette Accessory Jack
  • Detachable Air Hose
  • Preset function and auto shut-off
  • Can reach up to 16 PSI
  • Package includes :
    • Air Pump
    • Detachable Air Hose

Power DC 12V
Dimensions 9.1" Length X 5.5" Width X 4.7" Height
Weight 3 lbs
Max PSI 16 PSI
Air Hose Length 3.3ft
Power Cable Length N/A
Auto shut off Yes

SereneLife SLPUMP10 SUP electric pump reviewThere are a few electric pumps out there that can compete with the SereneLife premium in both performance and price tag. Indeed, the SereneLife at hand might just be the best sup pump, and here’s why.

First things first, the pump’s main quality is the fact that it’s labeled an intelligent machine. Hence, the Premium pump offers an adjustable PSI air pressure with an LCD that shows your preset pressure selection. The pump also can be set to shut off automatically once it reaches the preset PSI.

As far as extensions, the SereneLife comes with a detachable 3.3’ft heavy-duty accordion-style air hose. Also, it comes with a high-pressure valve fitting for reliable high-pressure use. Lastly, the package also includes a 12V DC car vehicle connection.

From practicality to design, the machine at hand can be easily described as compact & portable. Nonetheless, the SereneLife electric air pump is much more than just that. The pump does not only inflate your board but it also deflates it with a touch of a button.

Lastly, the difference between this pump and most electric ones is that the SereneLife is a pump made by an iSUP manufacturer, giving it the upper hand in the most obvious way. So, what do you say?

6- Sevylor 12V SUP Pump

  • The high-pressure pump inflates up to 15 PSI for rigid SUP boards
  • Adjustable auto-shutoff stops the pump once a selected pressure is reached
  • Heavy-duty extension hose with high-pressure valve fitting for reliable high-pressure use
  • Low-pressure extension hose and included adaptors for use with Double Lock™, Mini Double Lock™, Boston and pinch valves
  • 12-volt plug powers the pump from your vehicle outlets
  • The unit select button lets you choose from psi, KPA or mbar
  • Package includes :
    • Pump
    • Hose with attached high-pressure valve adapter
    • power cord

Power 12V
Dimensions 7.8" X 7.4" inches
Weight 2.86 Lbs
Max PSI 15 PSI
Air Hose Length N/A
Power Cable Length N/A
Auto shut off Yes

Sevylor 12V iSUP electric Pump ReviewLike most 12V electric SUP pumps, the Sevylor does a great job at removing the labor out of the pumping operation. However, it is undeniable that some electric pumps do the job better than others. So, where does that place the Sevylor?

The pump at hand is a full-on single-stage electric pump. Hence, unlike most pumps within its price range, this one is capable of completely inflating a 15 PSI board, kayak, or boat in a matter of minutes. Obviously, the pump can get the job done faster than doing it manually but you shouldn’t be expecting supersonic speed either.

The Sevylor might not be the best electric sup pump but it still features an adjustable auto shutoff setting that stops the pump at a selected pressure, allowing you to do other things besides watching over the pumping process.

Also, surprisingly enough, this machine actually comes with a 12V car cigarette lighter plug which will enable you to easily use your car to power it instead of constantly fetching new batteries or having to open up your hood in the case of alligator clips.

In extensions, the pump comes with a low-pressure robust extension hose and an adaptor whose purpose is to make sure the hose fits most iSUPs out there.

All in all, the Sevylor remains a solid SUP electric pump as it is designed by an iSUP manufacturer and that already puts it at an advantage. So, is this the pump you’ll go with?

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