BLACKFIN Model V Review

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It’s one of the easiest things to tell and recognize a good inflatable stand up paddle board; sometimes, you won’t even have to try it and you’d still know that it’s the one. iRocker/Blackfin is a worldwide iSUPs line with a huge base of choices, sizes and colors.

We’ve already reviewed two of Blackfin’s greatest and most popular iSUPs; the BLACKFIN Model X (10’6″ x 35″ x 6″) and the BLACKFIN Model XL (11’6″ x 34″ x 6″), and now we’re here with their newest and largest iSUP belonging to the same line; the BLACKFIN Model V (12’6″ x 32″ x 6″).

Just like usual, we’ll be taking you through a thorough review that’s meant to put you in the picture of wh at you’re about to get yourself into.

Blackfin Model V Review – Features & Specs

  • Stamped EVA deckpad
  • Increased Nose Rocker
  • Multi-Use Action Mount at the front of the board for your cameras, rod holders, speakers, phone mounts, etc.
  • Dual front tie-down system.
  • Extra D rings to the rear of the board and a wider front cargo area made for even more storage space.
  • Multiple D-ring mounting points around the pad.
  • Ankle leash D-ring
  • High pressure inflation valve
  • Multiple carry handles (front, center, rear).
  • 3 Removable fins
  • Includes :
    • BLACKFIN Model V Board
    • 1 Rolling Travel Backpack
    • 1 Adjustable Carbon Shaft Paddle
    • 1 Coil Ankle Leash
    • 1 NEW Full Throttle Dual Chamber Hand Pump
    • 1 Repair Kit
    • 3 Detachable fins

Dimensions 12'6" Long x 32" Wide x 6" Thick
Material Triple Layer Composite PVC
Weight limit 485 lbs
Number of D-rings 18 D-rings

    • 1 -D-ring on the nose
    • 6 more D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
    • 6 D-rings around the pad to attach a kayak seat
    • 4 more D-ring on the tail attached with a bungee cord
    • 1 Ankle leash D-ring on the rear
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 3 Removable Fins
Volume 259L
Carry handles 3 carry handles
Warranty 2 Year Warranty


Blackfin Model V isup ReviewThe BLACKFIN Model V has the dimensions of a monster board that’s designed to handle large riders and any extra cargo.

This iSUP is 12 feet and 6 inches long making it quite a view to be honest and it’s no question; this board is built to be fast. To make it more obvious, Blackfin gave the Model V a solid 32 inches of width giving it a sharp and slim body shape.

Now of course thickness matters just as much; a thick board is going to stay on top of its game no matter what you put on it. The BLACKFIN Model V is 6 inches thick and that’s as good as any quality board could ever go.

That being said, you should know by now that getting this iSUP literally means getting one of the best inflatable paddle boards out there.


If anything at all, Blackfin is known for their strong and durable boards that promise their users an outstanding performance that’ll last a life time. It’s not random; the Model V is made of military grade triple layer composite PVC material and that states down how hard and rigid the board is going to be once fully inflated. Also, there is the Carbon Fiber Rail that adds up greatly to the stiffness of the board as it makes it stronger and reduces the chances of it getting punctured or damaged in anyway.

What we’d like to draw your attention to is that Blackfin newest iSUP models are lighter and easier to handle regardless of their size. The material used to build these boards is even though light and compact remains tough and durable.


We can all agree that this is the part where and why anyone would get excited over standup paddle boarding. iSUPs like the Blackfin Model V come with a bunch of features that make them super versatile and fun to use.

  • The first thing anyone could notice about the Model V is the combination of colors chosen for it; blue/white/gray/black. It might sound like it’s a lot of colors but once you look at it you’ll find that it all fits perfectly giving the board a super sporty and sharp design.


  • Second, the traction pad is just awesome. I mean beside the fact that it’s probably the most important aspect about an iSUP, this one looks and feels great; it’s supper grippy and it’s also soft enough to not hurt your feet or knees especially that the Blackfin Model V is designed for long distance touring.


  • The new feature given to this board is the action mount on the nose and you can use it any how you like; you can attach an action camera to it, a speaker or a fishing rod holder. We said it before; this is a versatile board we got here.


  • Next, you’ll find 6 carry handles; 2 of them are near the nose and are great for when you have a child on board; they can hold on to them while you paddle your way in the water. Another two are on both ends of the board to grab and pull the board out or into the water. The other two are on the far end of the board and the last one is given the center to make carrying the inflated board an easy practical task.


  • Also, there are two cargo areas on this board, one on the deck with 6 D-rings and another on the tail with 4 D-rings and of course all these D-rings are connected with durable and thick bungee cords.


  • Last but not least, the BLACKFIN Model V comes with a universal navigation system that consists of 3 removable fins allowing you to perfectly and safely pack your board as well as the ability to experiment with different fins whenever you feel like it.

Blackfin MODEL V review - Features


Let’s get this straight; iROCKER/BLACKFIN never disappoint us with their iSUP packages. The BLACKFIN Model V comes in an all-inclusive package with quality items to handle it and enjoy and wholesome paddling experience. So first:Blackfin Model V inflatable SUP

  • This package includes a roller backpack where you can fit the board and the rest of your tools. The straps are nicely patted to increase comfort though you won’t have to carry the bag the whole time since you can drag it.
  • A Carbon Shaft paddle that can be adjusted from 72 to 86 inches. it breaks down to 35 inches and what’s even better is that it floats; this way, you’re never losing your paddle.
  • A 25” triple action dual chamber hand pump with an integrated pressure gauge that’ll inflate the board up to 100% faster than the standard dual action hand pump.
  • A Coil Ankle Leash.
  • And a Repair Kit.


It all comes down to this part of the review; how good is this board’s performance? Well; the BLACKFIN Model V is luxurious enough to blow your mind outside and it the water.

This board is designed for speed and long distance touring, thus, it’ll deliver its best performance in flat to moderate water conditions. It can take up to 485 lbs and it would still give you a 100% performance capacity because it’s a very stable board with the ability to pull some maneuvers in different water conditions.

A beginner might not find it easy to handle a board this big that’s why it’s best suited for paddlers with intermediate to advanced skill level.


  • The BLACKFIN Model V comes in a complete package with a roller backpack.
  • It’s a super tough, durable and stable board.
  • It’s great for mediocre and advanced skill level riders.
  • It looks great with an awesome and functional traction pad.
  • It comes with a floatable paddle and removable fins.


  • It’s not a con as much as it is a simple fact; the BLACKFIN Model V is not a cheap iSUP and that’s because it’s made using the highest standards and latest technologies and materials.