Bright Blue Paddle Boards Review

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Bright Blue is a name that you might not be seeing around often but there is one thing that’s for sure; their inflatable paddle boards are worth your while.

Stand up paddle boarding is this friendly water sport that is now made accessible for everyone given brands like Bright Blue that joined iSUPs industry to make and create boards that are easy to handle and especially practical in terms of transportation without compromising durability or performance.

In this review, we’re going to talk about Bright Blue’s 3 inflatable stand up paddle boards that were and still a total success for the brand.

These boards are different in size and are meant to deliver a different performance according to their shape and design. So, let’s just get to it already.

Bright Blue Fusion All Round 11’6″

BRIGHT BLUE Fusion 11'6" All Round Inflatable SUP ReviewStarting with what everyone is usually concerned with, this iSUP comes in an all-inclusive package that includes a paddle, a pump, an ankle leash, a repair kit and a travel backpack. Every item is nicely made with a good feel to it just like the board itself.

The 11’6” iSUP comes in 3 colors; Red, Blue and Pink and they’re all quite a view to be honest.

This board is featured with everything that make stand up paddle boarding what it is and that begins with the awesome traction pad we have here. This latter covers half the board’s back and it’s basically 6 little pads put together with little cracks in between them to make sure water finds its way off the board.

The board is also featured with two tie-down systems. The larger one is on the front and it consists of 6 D-rings attached with a bungee cord, while the smaller one is on the tail and it consists of 4 D-rings attached with a bungee cord. These storage systems are super convenient and will make the board super functional.

This way, you can safely secure all of your items and equipment to the board without worrying about losing any.
Additionally, this paddle board comes with an ankle leash D-ring on the tail and another one beneath the nose for toeing for a complete paddling experience.

BRIGHT BLUE Paddle Boards - Build Quality

Now in terms of build and quality, this board is what you’d call a badass. Bright Blue used nothing but layers of heavy duty PVC material to make all of the board’s parts.

Once fully inflated, this board turns into a hard piece of rock that measures 11 feet and 6 inches in length, 33 inches in width and 6 inches in thickness and that’ll allow you to load up to 325 lbs on board without any troubles.

Not only that, the drop stitch technology is also present here to ensure a stiff board that can handle high levels of air pressure pumped into it. That being said, you should expect nothing but a tough and durable board that’ll be up to all the inflating/deflating action you could give it.

As for performance and who can ride this Bright Blue iSUP, one can assume just by the looks of it that it’s meant for paddlers with intermediate to advanced skill level because though it is a very stable board (33” wide) it comes with one fin only for a navigation system and that requires a certain level of skill to be in full control of the board especially that it’s not small at all.

BRIGHT BLUE Fusion All Round inflatable SUP Review

Bright Blue 11′ iSUP

Bright Blue All Round 11' Inflatable SUP ReviewAnother great iSUP by Bright Blue is this one measuring 11 feet in length which makes it smaller than its previous sibling, yet; it still got the solid 33 inches in width and 6 inches in thickness and that makes it a super stable iSUP.

This Bright Blue paddle board comes in a complete package as well and it includes a 3-piece adjustable paddle, a pump, a repair kit, a leash and a travel backpack where you can fit the whole thing.

This is something to admire about brands like Bright Blue; no one really wants to go through the trouble of separately looking for items and accessories, thus; finding a good board with a complete all-inclusive package could be one of the best things that could happen to you to.

Next, the design of this board is quite interesting; its nose is super sharp and pointy to allow the board the smoothest cut through water, and at the same time, you’ll find that the traction pad area is quite wide and roomy offering the rider complete comfort and freedom of movement and that’s what makes a versatile board.

Moving to quality, military grade PVC material makes the most of this board’s body and it’s not just one layer; it’s actually multiple ones.

It goes without saying now that an inflatable iSUP needs be as tough as possible to survive natural circumstances and intensive use which could be harsh sometimes. That’s why Bright Blue didn’t compromise anything during the building process of their iSUPs including the drop stitch technology, the reinforced side rails and of course the features. However, Bright Blue made sure their boards remain on the light weight side for easy and practical transportation.

Bright Blue All Round 11' iSUP ReviewThe last thing we’d like to tackle here is the set of features on this board which is quite similar to what we’ve seen earlier. The Bright Blue 11” comes with a front storage area that consists of 6 D-rings attached with a bungee cord. It’s also featured with toeing D-ring beneath the nose and another one on the tail for safety leash attachment.

The traction pad on this board is a large diamond grooved one which is thick and dense adding to the board’s stiffness, and in the middle of it there is a central carry handle like usual.

As for the navigation system, this board sports one large fin that’s great for both; straight tracking in flat water and surfing.

Bright Blue 10’8″ Yoga iSUP

Bright Blue 10'8" Yoga inflatable paddle board ReviewLast but not least, Bright Blue wanted to make sure that everyone could be satisfied with at least one of their iSUPs that’s why they got a paddle board board especially designed for yoga enthusiasts.

This board is 10 feet and 8 inches long, 34 inches wide and only 4 inches thick but let me say this first; this is a really cute board if you look at and that’s because of its round nose and hull shape in general . It might not be as thick as the previous boards, but it’s definitely wider and that’s what yoga requires; width and stability.

Bright Blue’s Yoga iSUP comes with a complete package too with everything you’ll need to handle it; an adjustable paddle, a pump, a repair kit, a safety leash plus a carry backpack. It’s a great deal for a good price to be honest.

The features here are dealt with a little differently to suit the board’s purpose. The traction pad covers most of the boards back so that no yoga pose is impossible to perform.

Also, and instead of a central carry handle there are 2 on the sides so that the handle doesn’t come in the way when in need of the whole pad to carry out your routine and that’s very thoughtful if you ask me.

Now yoga might take some time and that means that you’ll be out in the water for a while, thus; one must pack some essentials on board, and to do that, Bright Blue kept the storage area feature present though it’s a small one with 4 D-rings only.

Also, to make sure the board tracks nicely during paddling mode, the board is featured with a large removable fin that’ll help you to better control the board.

That’s pretty much for features, as for the build quality, Bright Blue Yoga iSUP is not different from what we’ve been saying. This neat board is made of heavy duty PVC material that’s guaranteed to take some serious beating without suffering much. Then of course there is the drop stitch technology that’s been a savior to all these Bright Blue inflatable SUPs keeping them light while being super stiff and durable.

The cherry on top for all these Bright Blue iSUPs is that they come with 2 years manufacturer warranty to have you covered. Choosing any of the Bright Blue paddle boards that we’ve shortly reviewed can’t get you anywhere wrong; they’re sharp, versatile and most importantly very functional and durable.