Driftsun Barge 15′ Inflatable Paddle Board Review

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Here’s the question; have you really enjoy a stand up paddle boarding experience if it’s not on a gigantic iSUP like the Driftsun Barge? I’ll allow myself to tell you that you sadly haven’t.

Driftsun is freshly founded in 2014 to fulfill couple purposes, and the main one of them is to increase the amount of fun friends/family and water enthusiasts can have during their holidays and recreation time together.

As a brand, Driftsun got themselves a great reputation via building a bunch of solid inflatable SUPs that became popular and recommended by a lot of people. Not only that; if you happen to visit their official website, you’ll find that Driftsun make many other products beside inflatable board.

The board we have here today is an outstanding one that only makes sense when you’re surrounded with family or friends who are up to some serious fun. The Driftsun Barge is a real master piece that we’re glad to be reviewing today.

Driftsun Barge 15′ iSUP Review – Features & Specs

  • Soft EVA deck pad
  • Great for beginners and Great for all skill levels and conditions
  • Front tie-down system to stow all of your gear
  • Textured Rear Deck Pad with Side D-Ring Tie Down Points
  • EVA Comfort Padded Forward Traction Pad
  • Towing D-ring beneath the nose
  • Underside Anchor D-Ring for Docking
  • 2 Valves for quick and efficient inflation
  • 14 Strategically Placed Neoprene Handles for Easy Group Transport
  • 5 fins
  • Package includes :
    • 2 X Dual Action High Pressure / High Volume Pump
    • 2 X Valves for Quick and Efficient Inflation
    • 9" Removable Center Tracking Fin

Dimensions 15' Long x 55" Wide x 8" Thick
Material Military-grade PVC using MLS drop stitch technology
Weight limit 1100 Lbs
Number of D-rings 11 D-rings

  • 6 D-rings on the nose connected with a bungee cord
  • 1 D-ring beneath the nose for towing the board
  • 4 more D-rings on the tail
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 4 fins
Volume 1037L
Carry handles 14 carry handles
Warranty N/A


Driftsun Barge inflatable paddle boardI’m not going to drag this any longer; the Barge is 15 feet long which is by no means comparable to other iSUPs. This board is designed for the party; it’s capable of holding up to 1100 lbs which could be translated to 5-7 people on board. It’s astonishingly spacious that you might forget it’s an inflatable.

In terms of width, the Barge trespassed all known measures of all-round or recreation iSUPs; this beast is 55 inches wide which can allow 2 people to stand side by side while paddling. It’s quite a view seeing this board in action; it’s sharp, huge, and it brings lots of joy just looking at it.

As for thickness, Driftsun couldn’t go wrong here; the Barge is 8 inches thick to hold the weight of all its users for better fun times. You could reach maximum weight capacity and this board would still be floating above water almost effortlessly. This is the ultimate fun iSUP that can keep everyone together for a longer and richer water recreation time.


In addition to increasing your fun time, Driftsun thought about providing their clients with durable and reliable products before anything else. The Barge is not only meant to be large and fun; it’s also safe and rigid.

This inflatable board is made of Military Grade layered PVC material to harden and reinforce its overall body resulting in a dense and tough iSUP that’s still light and very easy to handle.

Also, Driftsun used MLS Drop-Stitch Technology to put the board’s parts together in a way that all the parts are perfectly and seamlessly glued as one whole body.

Once the Barge is fully inflated, it would be a little difficult to explain to someone who’s new to inflatable paddle boards how that gigantic platform is filled with nothing but air. Speaking of which; that’s one thing that makes it flexible as well; an inflatable board is not going to get easily damaged just because it bumped into something; in fact, it’s going to bounce its way out of it nicely and gracefully.

However, just to make myself clear; that doesn’t mean you can bump your inflated SUP into sharp items or anything of the sort; it is what it is; an inflatable stand up paddle board.


Where do we start with this? The Barge is featured with every detail known to this friendly water sport and honestly; everything is on fleek.

What makes an iSUP worth your while is the practicality is offers and the endless possibilities that you can discover. To do that, these are the most prominent aspects of the Driftsun Barge that’ll help you to maximally benefit from it:

  • The Barge is featured with a vast textured EVA traction pad that covers most of the board’s back. It’s thick and dense, yet; it’s also meant to keep your feet at a comfortable posture so that you both; don’t get tired and don’t slip off the board.


  • Also, the front space serves as a storage area with 5 D-rings and a bungee cord to allow you a practical and easy access to your cargo. You can secure anything you like to the board as long as it won’t get damaged by water. Now since the Barge is a huge iSUP, a cooler will find its perfect place once you tie it down using the bungee system provided; your paddling tour should a lot more interesting.


  • There are another 4 D-rings on the sides of the board’s tail for additional cargo if needed or for anyone who needs to attach a kayak seat. This way, the Barge is fully equipped to take over whatever plan you have for it.


  • Next, you’ll find 14 carry handles to make transporting this iSUP an easy thing to do with the help of a friend or two. Though it might sound like a mission impossible; it’s still very doable that once person can move the Barge on his own using some extra effort.


  • Driftsun put a great navigation system on this one; 5 fins to optimize water tracking, stability and glide. The Central fin is 9 inches long and it’s detachable to allow you a safe and easy packing process. The remaining 4 fins are fixed and together they all contribute to the board’s whole performance.


  • Last but not least; the Barge is featured with 2 sure-lock valves that’ll speed up the inflating/deflating process because they support maximum air flow with zero leakage. However; I’m not going to lie, this is a tremendous inflatable paddle board; who’s going to have the will to inflate it every time it’s taken out? Personally; an electric pump is highly recommended in this case especially if you’re going to do it on your own.

Driftsun Barge inflatable SUP Review


Driftsun Barge iSUP - PackageNothing really improves the value of an inflatable stand up paddle board like a nice complete package. Sadly, the Barge lacks couple items which we hope you don’t mind and can handle. Thus, this is what you get once you receive your order:

  • The board of course
  • A strap to keep it folded in place
  • 9″ Removable Center Tracking Fin
  • And 2 hand pumps

It’s not much; I know, but this doesn’t take any of the Barge’s greatness away. You’ll just have to find your way around it and use any old paddles that you have or you can order yourself some new ones.


First things first; this is one hell of a stable iSUP. Probably nothing can match to this; 55 inches in width means that you can play yoga, fish, take a nap, eat or drink without losing balance.

The Barge is designed to challenge the different water conditions any board might face; consequently; you can use it in flat water, small waves or even choppy water.

It’s a versatile iSUP that handles weight pretty impressively as it can also perform some simple maneuvers and quick turns to spice your paddling journey up a little.

Driftsun Barge Multi person ISUP

From our point of view here; you’re a winner no matter the scenario you might be put through once you get the Driftsun Barge; a beginner will be safe and at ease to use and ride it, while someone who’s used to inflatable stand up paddle boarding will enjoy the challenge of having multiple people on board.


  • The Driftsun Barge 15′ is a family/friends’ iSUP par excellence.
  • It’s 55 inches wide for maximum stability.
  • It’s extremely versatile to deliver different performances.
  • it’s featured with a huge traction pad.
  • It has 2 valves for fast inflating/deflating.
  • You’ll find 2 storage areas with a total of 9 hardcore D-rings.


  • The only down side to this well made beast is the incomplete package that lacks the paddles, the repair kit and the carry backpack.