Driftsun Voyager Inflatable Kayak Review

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Driftsun is one of the most prominent brands in the industry of water sports and while it has excelled due to its rich variety of inflatable paddle boards, it has also invested heavily in iKayaks.

Kayaking is an adventurous sport and one which requires a lot of resilience. However, when we think of resilience, we do not envision inflatable kayaks because anything inflatable is bound to get punctured or is it?

Taking into consideration the wild environment of white water and violent rapids, the Driftsun Voyager has got quite a challenge on its hand.

So, without further ado, let us take a closer look at this kayak, its size and dimensions, build quality and a bunch of other interesting specs.

Driftsun Voyager Kayak – Features & Specs

  • Rocker profile and pointed nose entry (bow)
  • Tough 840D coated nylon oxford fabric top cover
  • Double Threaded Boston valves
  • Heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin bottom
  • Removable deep fin provides responsive tracking
  • Rear drain plug for easy draining/cleaning
  • High Quality EVA padded seats
  • Bow and stern handles
  • Front and rear bungee compartments
  • Package includes:
    • Driftsun Voyager Inflatable Kayak
    • (2) Adjustable EVA padded seats
    • (2) Aluminum kayak paddles with ergonomic grip handles
    • Deluxe double action hand pump
    • Rear tracking fin
    • Travel bag

Dimensions 10' Long x 35" Wide x 16" Thick
Material 840D Nylon Oxford Fabric Tube Covers
Weight limit 2 person or 450 lbs
Fins 1 rear tracking fin


Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

The Driftsun Voyager is rather an average-kayak which is a tactful profile that is supposed to cater for the majority of kayakers out there. However, there is a lot more to learn from the basic dimensions of this inflatable kayak.

Length is obviously the most prominent dimension since it determines the passengers’ sizes and limits and also affects performance to a significant extent. Accordingly, the kayak at hand measures a humble 10 feet, which is arguably enough space for a couple regular size passengers or a more comfortable adult + toddler combo. Also, at this length, the kayak can be easily controlled even in wild currents.

As for width, most inflatable kayaks vacillate in-between 29 and 35 inches, depending on performance preferences and price. Fortunately, the kayak at hand opts for the end of the spectrum and provides a 35 inches wide platform that is bound to be more stable, accommodating and easier to get back on once fallen into the water. In fact, at 35 inches, the Voyager is an excellent pick for beginners and amateurs as it will help you maintain solid balance when getting on or off the vessel.

Finally, thickness might not be the biggest concern for a lot of people but it sure matters just as much. A thick kayak is much harder to capsize and that should be enough of an incentive to opt for the thickest kayak out there, especially if you’re not a summer kayaker.

Accordingly, the Driftsun Voyager comes at a comforting 16 inches which is plenty thick for your to feel cradled within the hull and secure against wild currents.


Driftsun Voyager Inflatable KayakQuality is definitely a big concern for most people out there looking into getting an inflatable kayak and that’s a reasonable concern. However, we can objectively argue that this kayak is capable of enduring the toughest environments out there and here’s how:

First thing first, build material are an essential checkbox in the creation of a robust inflatable gadget. Thus, it was anticipated that Driftsun would go for a heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin bottom in order to provide the best protection from punctures caused by shallow/rocky bottoms.

Also, the kayak at hand features double threaded Boston valves that live by a strict no leak policy which is an extra insurance to those who do not want to bring their pumps along on board.

Finally, the Driftsun Voyager exhibits a tough 840D coated nylon Oxford fabric top cover that will protect it against accidental rips and tears regardless of whether it is inflated or deflated.

Overall, it is this combination of super durable materials that grants the kayak a solid base. Nonetheless, if it weren’t for the reinforced drop stitch construction, pulling it together, it would all be in vain.

Ps: in order to prove how tough this kayak is, Driftsun made sure to put it through a bunch of extreme torture tests, including high drops, getting run over by SUVs and some seriously wild white-water reps.


Features are a significant part of any inflatable vessel. Nonetheless, we did not expect such rich profile from an inflatable kayak that costs under $500. In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s a brief list of the prominent features on the Voyager:

  • First things first, one of the best aspects of the Driftsun Voyager is the heavy-duty tarpaulin bottom. Indeed, this robust base is guaranteed to protect you from making direct contact with the river bed as well as grant you a firm and reliable platform that will hardly ever bend.

  • Further, the kayak at hand comes with nifty front and back skirts to store all the sensitive goods that are not supposed to get wet. More importantly, the skirts come equipped with a practical cargo net for paddles, fishing rods and other accessories.

  • Moreover, the Voyager features a number of plastic rings on the side chambers for all the accessories that need to be secured and a few more rings within the walls to help you install the seats firmly in place.

  • Finally, this giant comes equipped with 2 padded carry handles located on the nose and tail to enable you to carry the kayak while inflated easily. Also, it is important to note that this kayak weighs a meager 27 pounds and can be easily handled by one person.


Driftsun Voyager Inflatable Kayak ReviewPerformance isn’t exactly the highlight of the Driftsun Voyager mainly for the fact that it is designed primarily for beginners. However, Driftsun is still pretty confident in the capabilities of this Voyager.

Truly, the vessel is cleverly designed to maximize speed and minimize resistance and that can be seen in its rocker profile and pointy lifting nose. Further, the hull of the kayak harbors a nifty spot for a removable deep fin for better tracking. Hence, you can expect this kayak to perform nicely in calm as well as choppy waters.


Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Tandem Inflatable Kayak Review

A package can say a lot about a kayak and that is especially the case for inflatable ones. Hence, in order to ensure you get the full experience, Driftsun made sure to hook this board with all accessories necessary, including:

  • Adjustable Eva pad seats x 2
  • Aluminum paddles with ergonomic grip x 2
  • Dual action high pressure hand pump
  • Rear tracking fin
  • Travel bag


  • The Driftsun Voyager is one of the most affordable kayaks on the market.
  • Despite the low price tag, the Voyager does not sacrifice quality the least and remains impressively resilient.
  • Unlike many others, this inflatable kayak comes with all needed accessories to get started.


  • Despite the two seats, it might not be comfortable for two large adults.