Goplus 11′ Cruiser Inflatable SUP Board Review

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Daily exercise is proven to be the best way to prolong and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to be honest; what’s better than working-out in an open space surrounded with nature and water? Stand up paddle boarding is a friendly water sport that took traditional paddling up to higher level where it became a leader when it comes to full body workouts and recreation at once.

You’ll find hundreds of companies out there all competing to make the best inflatable stand up paddle board; which only means that you, as a consumer, have a variety of options to choose from. The good thing is that most decent companies realize that in order to make a board that will sell they can’t compromise quality or performance.

The Goplus is one of those companies that try to make the best out of their products. The inflatable SUP we have here is the Goplus 11’ Cruiser iSUP which is made to serve different users and purposes. So, let’s go and learn more about it.

GoPlus 11′ Cruiser Review — Features & Specs

  • 10 D-rings - 4 of which are attached with a bungee cord
  • Extra soft EVA textured foam deck pad
  • Non-slip grip ensures a stable steady ride
  • Ideal for learning, recreational paddling and small wave riding
  • All-around design – Ultimate stability in flatwater and small waves | Great for all skill levels
  • Large EVA deck pad
  • Package includes :
    • 1 x Paddle
    • 1 x Pump
    • 1 x Backpack
    • 1 x Fin
    • 1 x Repair kit

Dimensions 11' Long x 30" Wide x 6" Thick
Material Ultra durable military grade drop stitch material
Weight limit 265 lbs
Number of D-rings 10 D-rings

  • 4 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 4 D-rings around the Pad
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
  • 1 D-ring beneath the tail
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 1 large removable fin
Volume N/A
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty NA


Goplus 11' Cruiser reviewThe Goplus Cruiser is what you can call a big board with an 11 feet for length, 30 inches for wideness and 6 inches for thickness.

Personally speaking, this is what I’d describe as perfect; some of you guys might prefer a 10 feet long board for easy packing and inflating, but for me, I’d totally take the extra feet because I’d rather focus on speed and performance.

However, I assure you that even if you are a beginner you won’t face much trouble with this board, because just like any other iSUP, it’s made to make this water sport easier and more accessible for everyone. The trick is that you give it some time till you get a grasp of how it all works.

As for width, this is something I always like to point out; a 30 inches wide board is nearly the best thing you can get. It’s enough to support your body and to allow you a comfortable stand with your legs apart from each other so as to maintain the balance needed to paddle.

And now, it’s here where I mention the role thickness has to play when it comes to iSUP’s performance in water. The thicker the board is the better it’ll float; it’s a fact. It’ll also be able to hold you rigidly even when you reach maximum weigh capacity. 6 inches thickness is a great deal, and it’s the best any iSUP can afford.


The people behind inflatable stand up paddle boards are really smart; they understood that in order to create a large client platform that would choose an inflatable product over a hard one; this board must have certain characteristics that a hard one can’t have.

The Goplus Cruiser is made of military grade drop stitch material, which is worldly known for making these boards virtually indestructible. The Goplus Cruiser can take a serious beating for a long time as long as it doesn’t include using extremely sharp tools to damage it intentionally (which would be weird). Apart from that, this board can maintain a great shape if it’s properly and friendly used and packed/unpacked.

Once fully inflated, the Goplus Cruiser goes rock hard at once. You might sense a little flex when you reach max weight capacity, but as for a solo rider, you won’t experience anything but rigidity and balance.

The EVA foam pad adds greatly to this aspect specifically; it makes the board feel thicker and stiffer which is highly required for and iSUP. All in all, I’d say that a beginner would experience a great deal of safety and support using this board.

Goplus 11' Cruiser Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review


Now, all modern iSUPs come with a bunch of handy features to make paddling all a pleasure and fun experience; those features are what make stand up paddling worth going for. Let’s state the obvious:

  • The Goplus Cruiser comes with a thick EVA traction pad which works like magic keeping your feet from skidding off the board’s back. It also adds to rigidity and stiffness levels of the iSUP as a whole.


  • Second, you’ll find a set of 10 stainless steel D-rings located as following; 4 on the board’s deck as they are connected with a bungee cord to secure extra cargo while in the water. Other 4 are on both sides of the board so you can attach a kayak seat. The last 2 are on the board’s tail; one is on top while the other is beneath next to the fin.


  • Next, a central carry handle is featured to provide a comfortable grip while carrying the inflated board around.


  • Last but not least, the Goplus Cruiser comes with one removable fin which does quite a good job in flat water as well as for surfing allowing the board to water track smoothly. However, a better navigation system would consist of 3 fins instead of one.


  • One more thing that I’d like to point is the color choice. As you can see; the EVA pad is cut in half using 2 colors which I didn’t find appealing. However, many of you might like it because this whole color matter is always relative as it differs from one person to another.


Goplus 11' Cruiser Inflatable Paddle Board - PackageThe Goplus Cruiser did a good job on this side where you’ll find:

  • Abackpack to fit everything in it for easier transportation,
  • A hand pump with PSI gauge,
  • A deluxe lightweight paddle,
  • A front bungee for storage,
  • A repair kit,
  • And a fin.

The package is an all-inclusive one with everything you could need to start paddling right away.


The Goplus assures you that you can take the Cruiser through oceans, lakes or rivers. The traction pad has been extended all the way to the tail of the board for those interested in surfing, Yoga, or even fishing making a good choice for beginners.

The Cruiser is a stable board given its width which makes it a great iSUP for exploring and fitness. However, speed is not its strongest point since it’s an all-round board as you can see in the pictures.

Even though the Goplus Cruiser with only one fin, it still delivered a very good performance in flat water.


  • The Goplus Cruiser comes in an all-inclusive package with all needed items.
  • The board is given the perfect dimensions for beginners.
  • It’s stable and rigid as it can take up to 265 lbs.
  • It’s featured with 10 handy D-rings.


  • The Goplus Cruiser is featured with a single removable fin instead of a tri-fin setup.
  • There isn’t a variety of colors to choose from.