BLACKFIN 10’6″ Model X Review

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Water sports are the best thing anyone can ever go for during summer; you can workout your whole body and still find a way to have loads of fun.

This is where inflatable stand up paddle board steal the spotlight. An iSUP is the greatest option for anyone who’s looking for some leisure time, good workout and uncompromised performance.

However, brands like iRocker have been serious and dedicated in terms of their business and products taking inflatable stand up paddle boards to a whole new level where an iSUP can do and be so much more than ever expected.

A great example for that is the Blackfin Model X iSUP and personally; it is a tough and durable piece of art.

Without any further ado, this review will provide you with everything you need to know before you make your order.

BLACKFIN Model X Review – Features & Specs

  • Large soft EVA deck pad
  • Great for the outdoors enthusiast who wants to fish, practice yoga, or tackle white water
  • Textured Rear Deck Pad with Side D-Ring Tie Down Points
  • Front and tail tie-down system to stow all of your gear
  • Towing D-ring beneath the nose
  • Leash attachment D-ring
  • 3 Strategically Placed carry handles for easy transport
  • Tri-fin setup
  • Package includes :
    • BLACKFIN Model X 10'6" iSUP
    • Triple action dual chamber high pressure hand pump
    • Adjustable carbon shaft paddle
    • Repair kit
    • Coil ankle leash
    • Detachable center fin
    • Roller travel backpack

Dimensions 10'6" Long x 35" Wide x 6" Thick
Material Quad (4) Layer Military Grade Drop Stitch Material
Weight limit 450 Lbs
Number of D-rings 16 D-rings

  • 6 D-rings on the nose connected with a bungee cord
  • 4 D-rings around the pad for kayak seat attachment
  • 4 more D-rings on the tail connected with a bungee cord
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
  • 1 D-ring beneath the nose for towing the board
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins Tri-fin setup
Volume 237L
Carry handles 3 carry handles
Warranty 2-Year Manufacturers Warranty


Blackfin Model X inflatable paddle board reviewiRocker was very pleased to introduce the The Blackfin Model X as a tougher badass iSUP that’s up to plenty of challenges with some perfect dimensions that’ll allow that to happen.

The Blackfin Model X is a typical 10’6″ which is a scope that you’ll find with most brands out there and that’s simply because a 10-11 feet iSUP is a standard size that can flexibly and nicely work for anyone; it’s neither too small nor too big.

Now the thing about the Blackfin is that it’s 35 inches wide and that is not very standard. The best many brands can do when it comes to width is 31 or 32 inches which is not bad to start with. However, raising the bar quite higher, the Blackfin Model X is here to break some balance records with its body measurements.

In order for them to stay in a good place, it only made sense that iRocker doesn’t go beneath 6 inches thickness; it’s the best you can find in the market unless you got your eyes on some mega huge iSUP then you might find something thicker. The Blackfin Model X got some really nice aspects to it and it’ll only get better from here on.

Before moving to the next segment of this review; you might like to know that there is another Blackfin iSUP that is as great; the Blackfin Model XL.

Can you guess what it might be like? Well, it’s a total beast that’s what you need to know; It measures 13.6 feet in length, 50 inches in width and 8 inches thickness and it’s meant for better and longer fun time with friends and family. You’d definitely like to check it out if you’re into partying and large gatherings with quality.


This is the part where the Blackfin Model X proves that it’s on top of the iSUPs’ pyramid. The build of this board is extremely tough which is nothing new to iRocker.

The company used 4 QUAD layers of military grade PVC and drop stitch material to ensure that nothing can easily cause their iSUPs to get punctured. It’s not a joke really; this Model X iSUP is exteremy tough which you can clearly and easily notice looking at its overall body.

Now listen to this; the BlackFin Model X is featured with a CARBON RAIL that works as an extra layer for more durability and stiffness to make the board even more rigid than ever before. Once the board is fully inflated, you’ll be having some real quality time however you like to use the iSUP.

iRocker Blackfin Model X inflatable SUP board

iRocker promises that all of their iSUPs especially the Blackfin line can pass any durability test including car running them over or being thrown off high building.

Just a friendly reminder though; something super sharp is highly possible to damage the board because no matter how hard it could be, let’s not forget that it’s only air filling it.


The Blackfin Model X is a fully equipped iSUP that can handle multiple activities and tasks, and in terms of features; this board actually got the best of it. All features that’ll be mentioned next are of high quality and functionality to guarantee that not only the iSUP’s body is tough and durable but also the little details.

BLACKFIN Model X - Features

  • First, there are two storage areas on the Blackfin Model X; one that is frontal with 6 D-rings and a durable bungee cord connecting them, while the other is at the end of the board and it’s smaller with only 4 D-rings. The addition we have here is the safety handles you can see at the front as part of the storage area which come really handy when a child is companioning you.


  • Then we have the traction pad that honestly looks like a lot of work. It’s thick, dense and very rubbery for extra comfort and grip. Such a thick pad is always a plus; it hardens the board’s body a little more and it adds to its overall rigidity.


  • Along sides this pad you’ll find an extra 4 D-rings that are intentionally located there for anyone who is into kayaking. The Blackfin Model X features its own kayak seat and accessories in case you needed to know; however, we’re pretty sure any Kayak seat would do.


  • Next, there are 2 grab handles that’ll help you drag the board out of water either sides, and also a central carry handle that makes transporting the inflated board single-handedly an easy possible task.


  • A rear D-ring is also included for leash attachment as well as a nose D-ring for toeing.


  • A valve that’s leak proof to make sure that inflating the board is a speedy process so it doesn’t grow daunting on you every time to pump the iSUP.


  • And finally, the Blackfin Model X is featured with a standard trio-fin navigation system with the central fin being large and removable like usual. The thing about this fin that you get to change it according to how you like your water; deep or shallow and it’s very easy to attach/detach with no tools needed to do so. The remaining 2 fin are permanently fixed as you might already know.


Blackfin Model X Inflatable Paddle Board Review

A moment of truth here; the iRocker Blackfin Model X is not your regular affordable iSUP; this guy some next level stuff. iRocker is known for doing a great job making worthy and durable iSUPs with nice and 100% functional packages.

As a result, most of their premier quality iSUPs leans towards the expensive side of the industry. However, one got to admit that this board and its package are something. The package includes:

  • A rolling travel backpack with cushioned shoulder straps. It’s of great quality and you can store the board and other accessories in it.
  • An floatable and adjustable carbon shaft paddle ( 72 to 86 inches).
  • A coil ankle leash.
  • A triple action dual chamber hand pump
  • A repair kit.

It’s honestly one of the best packages anyone can ever ask for which completely makes for the given price tag.


This is where things get fun. The Blackfin Model X is a highly versatile iSUP that cover plenty of water activities without failing at any.

Its width (35”) makes it one hell of a stable iSUP; as a beginner, you’ll easily find your way to standing tall on top of this board with minimum trouble. Also, which we might not have mentioned before; the Blackfin can handle 450 lbs as maximum capacity which means a second rider is always welcomed to join without him/her changing anything about its performance.

The speed aspect on the Blackfin Model X is not so bad; you can use this board in flat water, on the beach or you can even tackle some white waters if you think that you’re experienced enough.

You might as well go ahead and perform some fast and quick maneuvers because the Blackfin is a straight responsive iSUP thanks to its slim and smooth body design and construction.


  • The Blackfin Model X is a badass iSUP with extremely durable build
  • It’s featured with an innovative Carbon Rail for maximum rigidity
  • It comes in a complete package with quality items including a roller travel backpack
  • It has 2 storage areas
  • The paddle actually floats
  • The traction pad is one of the best we’ve ever tested


  • Except for being pricey, one got nothing to complain about. You get what you pay for, and iRocker Blackfin Model X is simply worth its value.