ISLE Megalodon Inflatable Paddle Board Review [2023]

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As a company, ISLE has made itself one of the strongest and most respected reputations in the world of inflatable stand up paddle boards thanks to the quality they offer, the innovation in terms of their designs, and of course the durability of their products.

This brand is 100% dedicated to anything that revolves around surfing; they don’t make inflatable SUPs alone but also hard surfing boards and all kinds of related accessories.

According to Marc Miller and Doug Pate, ISLE Co-Founders, each and every board with their trademark on it is meant to make a surfer’s day a happy day since they themselves are passionate surfers who made a promise to “develop high quality and value-driven products” for their fellow water/surfing enthusiasts.

In this review, we’ll talk about the ISLE Megalodon Inflatable Paddle Board and see in what way it could be your next water companion if that makes sense.

ISLE Megalodon Review — Features & Specs

  • Soft brushed EVA traction pad for maximum comfort
  • Numerous carry handles grooved for comfort and no-stress transport
  • Large Expandable bungee system consisting of 6-8 D-rings
  • Quality, high-pressure inflation valve rated for up to 17 PSI
  • 5 fins
  • Package includes:
    • 2 ISLE High-Pressure Hand Pumps
    • ISLE iSUP Nylon Snap-In All-Around Center Fin
    • 2 ISLE Adjustable Travel Carbon/Nylon SUP Paddles

  • 12'0" x 45" x 8"
  • 15'0" x 56" x 8"
Material High-density PVC & Drop stitch construction
Weight limit
  • 450 lbs
  • 1050 lbs
Number of D-rings 8 D-rings

  • 6 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 2 extra D-ring on the tail.
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 5 Fins
  • 584 L
  • 730 L
Carry handles 9 Neoprene Padded Carry Handles
Warranty 60 day ride and love it guarantee


ISLE Megalodon reviewSince you’re here, I’ll let myself assume that you already have an idea about inflatable stand up paddle boards and how they work. Thus, it only makes sense that we start our review by talking about size and dimensions.

The Megalodon is not your typical small iSUP; this guy is huge and the sight of it will definitely make a lot of heads turn.

With no further due, this board comes in two different sizes; the first is s 12 feet long, 45 inches wide, and 8 inches thick. This is as far as any iSUP could ever go. Do you know what it means to have an iSUP that’s 45 inches wide and 8 inches thick? It means that it’s nearly impossible to lose balance or end up capsized in water. It’s like an ultimate iSUP that’ll carry you through any type of water in complete stability and support.

As for length; this thing is an absolute stunner with 450 lbs for weight capacity allowing you a smooth ride where you can comfortably cruise with your favorite people with you on board.

Now listen to this; the second version of this iSUP is 15 feet long, 56 inches wide and 8 inches thick with 1050 lbs for weigh capacity.

All I kept saying when I first saw this dude is “this is insane!” the whole family can get on board with this iSUP; it’s bigger than saying no to anyone who’d like to join.


Having tried many boards throughout the last few years; one can say that we have an idea now about what a good inflatable SUP is. ISLE, as an example of pioneering brands, chooses quality materials and the latest technology over everything to make their iSUPs.

ISLE used AIRTECH FUSION LITE technology to build the Megalodon, and in case you asked; it’s a process where the drop stitch material is coated with a special seal and bonding layer and then fused with a higher-density PVC layer for maximum stiffness and toughness.

This technique eliminates any possible human error because it all takes place in a machine that’s programmed to do the job perfectly and efficiently.

What’s special about this kind of technology is that the board comes out lighter than its rivals that could be traditionally glued which doesn’t turn to be as strong and durable.

Also, in terms of aesthetics; the Megalodon looks like one single piece where it can be hard to tell that some parts were actually glued.

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A feature is whatever makes an iSUP better and more special than the others. The Megalodon seem to have them all to do both; be the ultimate flexible and functional iSUP and be the most attractive and badass board on the beach.

  • The most prominent feature of this big guy is the large brushed EVA traction pad; it covers all of its back except for the deck/storage area. This pad is what’ll keep you on top with your body in total control because you won’t skid or slip off easily.

  • Next, there is the front storage area with 6 stainless steel D-rings that are connected with a durable bungee cord so that you can secure whatever items needed to the board before you hit the water.

  • Then there are 9 padded neoprene rail-mounted grab handles including the central handle; yes, 9. This big guy is not going to transport itself; you’ll need some hands to move it around once it’s fully inflated, and since it’s more into a family/friends’ board; we don’t expect you to be alone to handle it on your own. Still, this board is never too heavy for one person or two to take care of it.

  • Moreover; the navigation system here consists of 5 fins; one of which is large and removable while the other 4 are smaller and fixed like usual. These fins are what allow the board to perform as well in both flat water and small waves.

  • And of course, as you can see in the pictures; the Megalodon comes in a combination of colors that includes yellow and some layers of gray. These two colors match beautifully as the yellow makes sure the iSUP is easily found and always within your sight.

  • Finally, the Megalodon iSUP is featured with 2 high-pressure valves rated for up to 17 PSI. They can easily be locked into open or closed positions for simple, rapid inflation or deflation – under 10 minutes.

ISLE Megalodon ISUP - Features


ISLE Megalodon iSUP - Package

We can safely say that the Megalodon comes in a complete package because what you’ll get along the board is enough to hit the water right after you open the package.

That being said, we still have to clarify the fact that this package does not include a repair kit nor a bag to pack/store the deflated iSUP.

This leaves us with the following:

  • Two 3-piece adjustable paddles.
  • Two high-pressure hand pumps.
  • And the previously mentioned central removable fin.


The Megalodon is a balance artist par excellence and anyone who’d tried any of its two versions will approve of this; this board is extremely stable in different water conditions making it one of the most versatile giant inflatable standup paddle boards ever made out there.

ISLE Megalodon Inflatable Paddle Board

This iSUP could be used to practice yoga, to go fishing, or to go long-distance touring…you name it. Flat or choppy water; the Megalodon will have something to say and that would be “you can’t stop me”, and with the weight capacity it can handle and enormous space it offers; you only imagine the amount of comfort and fun anyone will be getting.

Now in terms of speed; the navigation system does add up to the board’s overall performance; however, we can’t really say that the Megalodon is a fast board though it’s very long. Nonetheless; you’re guaranteed to enjoy smooth rides without having to sweat so bad.


  • The Megalodon is an enormous iSUP that comes in Two sizes: 12’0″ And 15’0″.
    • The Megalodon 15’0″ easily supports 5-7 riders.
    • The Megalodon 12’0″ is ideal for 2-3 paddlers.
  • It’s featured with a huge EVA traction pad.
  • It comes with numerous neoprene padded carry handles
  • There is a spacious front storage area (bungee system).
  • It’s extremely durable yet it’s light for its gigantic size.
  • The package includes 2 paddles and 2 hand pumps.


  • For anyone who’s looking for a family iSUP that can make everyone happy hopping onto the board for maximum fun family/friends time; there is no way you’d a find a con about this iSUP.
  • Other than that, packing, storing, and inflating the Megalodon iSUP could be a little of a task for one person alone. For this much volume, I’d recommend using an electric sup pump to get the job done.

ISLE Megalodon Inflatable Paddle Board Review