Naish One Inflatable Paddle Board Review

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Paddle boarding is one of the most soothing and relaxing sports out there. However, getting started can be rather challenging for a lot of folks. Once you decided that you want to go paddle boarding, you find yourself in front of a huge decision table. So, which is it going to be? A solid traditional board or a more practical inflatable paddle board!

If you have your mind made up on the latter then you’re in luck because today we are taking a closer look at one of the industry’s most prestigious brands. Naish surfing was created in 1979 but it wasn’t until recently that it started progressing at a noticeable pace. In fact, it is the Nash One iSUP that is virtually pushing the brand towards the spotlight and we need to learn why!

Naish One iSUP Review – Features & Specs

  • Double Layer Rails = Greater durability + longevity + added stiffness
  • Wide Single Stringer = Added stiffness
  • High Pressure Rated = Superior stiffness
  • Tool-less Slide-in Fin = Easy to attach & remove
  • 1 center carry handle
  • Two tie-down systems on the nose
  • 1 toeing D-ring beneath the tail
  • One large fin

Dimensions 12'6" Long x 30" Wide x 6" Thick
Material Military Grade PVC & Drop Stitch
Weight limit 230 lbs
Number of D-rings 11 D-rings

  • 6 D-rings on the nose connected with a bungee cord
  • 4 D-rings on the tail attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins One Large Fin
Volume 301 Liter
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty


Naish One inflatable paddle board ReviewOne way to learn the essentials about a board is scrutinizing its size. Hence, the following segment will take into consideration all three dimensions and elaborate more on the advantages, disadvantages and specifications of each.

First things first, length should be your primary focus when getting an inflatable board for one very good reason: the length of a board determines the target paddler and influences performance to a large degree. In that respect, it was expected from Naish Surfing to push a 12 feet 6 inches long board upfront since it will appeal more to young adults and adults. Therefore, unless you’re the same size as a full grown adult, you might want to consider a shorter board. Moreover, the impressive length of the board enhances its agility and reduces reaction time.

On the other hand, this board might be a little tough to handle for complete beginners.

As for width, Naish has to meet a golden ratio in order to maintain the elegance and stability required for a decent board.

That being said, Naish One pushes beginners further away from its target audience by sticking to a relatively more responsive and slimmer board. Indeed, at 30 inches in width, the board at hand is going to be more fun, agile and responsive but it will also be tough to handle for a complete beginner.

Finally, thickness is the one dimension that premium brands seem to agree upon because they all go for a standard 6 inches.

The Nash One is obviously no exception as it sticks to the same standard, giving the board a firmer core and a lower chance to bend at the waist under excessive weight. Speaking of which, the board in question is ideal for paddlers under 230 lbs. or 104kgs.


Inflatable paddle board companies truly struggled to gain trust in the industry. However, it only took a few good examples to pave the way for the rest. Inflatable paddle boards aren’t as fragile as you might imagine. In fact, most premium iSUPs feature a Zodiac-like PVC coat which brings us to the Naish One.

The One comes in two different models but they both share the same build and quality characteristics. Accordingly, the Naish One, just like most premium boards, opts for a multi-layered PVC coat that is impenetrable yet flexible enough to roll up in a bundle once the board is deflated.

Also, in order to confirm its rigidity, Naish introduces its original X-weave drop-stitch construction, enhancing the hull’s strength to encompass a staggering 20 PSI upon inflation. Hence, you can only imagine how stiff / solid this board is going to be once fully inflated.

In brief, the Naish One is an exemplary build and one which will overcome shallow, rocky and even wavy environments with grace.

Naish One iSUP - Build Quality


Inflatable paddle boards are very much like normal hard boards in terms of practice. Nonetheless, inflatable SUPs take full advantage of their customizable nature and this is how Naish expressed that:

  • One of the first things we would like to highlight about this board is the neat design. In fact, the board isn’t only designed to look sharp, slim and interesting, it is also branded with a latter of quick stance references to help the paddler find the perfect position in different environments.

  • The gripping pad is also a nifty feature of the Naish One, especially since it covers the entire area where the paddler is supposed to stand. Hence, even if you’re somewhat of a beginner, you can depend on the Anti-skidding pad to give you a firmer grip and an improved sense of command.
  • To highlight its practicality aspect, the board at hand also exhibits a nice little cargo net in the regular chest area. The 4 stainless steel D-rin net might be small but it’s fully capable of securing your shoes, fishing rods, paddles and even a waterproof bag.
  • The board at hand also comes with an easy plug inflation valve that will connect easily and firmly with the pump. However, once locked in place, prepare for some serious cardio because pumping a board this big with a manual pump can take up to 10 minutes.

Finally, transportation is often a bit of an inconvenience for big boards but not anymore. The Naish One comes with a strategic center carry handle to enable you to carry the board individually without losing control or requiring help. Ps: the board weighs 10kgs once fully inflated.


Performance is often a serious topic for paddle boarders but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, a paddle board is as good as its ability to float and keep you comfortably balanced most of the time. So, in order to tackle the performance dual, you must keep in mind that this isn’t a professional racing board but rather a better match for beginners and amateurs looking to test their racing skills on a ONE-design board.

That being said, the Naish one is definitely one of the more balanced boards we’ve ever reviewed since it emphasizes stability without completely killing the fun. Hence, the Naish is more sensitive to commands since it is slim and features a single-fin navigation system.

Further, with its pointy lifting nose and narrow tail, the board at hand is going to respond faster.


Packaging is a big deal for inflatable paddle boards which is why we believe that it’s a disadvantage for the Naish One. Hence, the board at hand comes with:

  • Dual flow hand pump
  • Slide-in central fin
  • A nifty bag with the One Alana model only.


  • Both boards come at high competitive prices, considering their build and material quality.
  • The board’s unique guide design is more practical than we ever thought.
  • The Naish might be targeting beginners and amateurs but it’s so much fun to ride that even pros will love it.


  • While it almost has everything, the biggest disadvantage that this board has is that it doesn’t come with a paddle.