NRS Quiver Inflatable SUP Review

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A lot of us seems to doubt an iSUPs ability to overcome the wildest settings. While it is reasonable to assume certain things about an ‘inflatable’ item, it would be hasty to dismiss it before taking a moment to consider boards like the NRS Quiver.

First, NRS is perhaps the most recognized name in the high-end iSUP industry because they have created a decent selection of epic boards. In fact, despite being significantly more expensive than the average iSUP, the NRS Quiver is making impressive sales for a number of reasons.

Accordingly, in the following review, we are going to scan the Quiver and highlight prominent specs / features as well as the advantages and disadvantages that might come with this iSUP.

NRS Quiver Review – Features & Specs

  • Axis Technology™ acrylic stiffener
  • Leafield - D7 and Pressure Relief
  • Removable, interchangeable, nylon-reinforced plastic fins
  • Leash attachment D-ring
  • D-ring at the center
  • Toeing D-ring beneath the tail
  • 5 strategically-placed carry handles
  • Top-quality Leafield D7 inflation/deflation valve
  • Package includes:
    • (2) Whitewater Fins, (2) Allwater Fins
    • High-pressure pump
    • Pressure gauge
    • Sup Travel Pack Bag
    • Leafield valve adapter
    • Repair kit

  • 9.8: 9'8" Long x 36" Wide x 6" Thick
  • 10.4: 10'4" Long x 35" Wide x 6" Thick
Material PVC Drop-Stitch
Weight limit
  • 9.8: 130-250 lbs
  • 10.4: 130-250 lbs
Number of D-rings 3 D-rings

  • 1 D-ring beneath the nose for toeing the board
  • 1 D-ring at the center
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
Recommended PSI 20 PSI
Fins 2 fins
  • 9.8: 325 L
  • 10.4: 355 L
Carry handles 5 carry handles
Warranty 3 Years Retail, 1 Years Commercial


NRS Quiver Inflatable SUP BoardsFirst things first, the size of a board is a determining factor in the purchase process because it shapes the profile of the paddler and gives you an idea about the overall performance. Hence, let’s first check out the target audience.

Length is a critical dimension because it determines what kind of paddler is best suited for a board. Hence, it was rather impressive to see that NRS took the initiative to provide 2 different sizes in order to match as many paddlers as possible.

Accordingly, the NRS Quiver comes in a 9 feet 8 inches and a 10 feet 4 inches model, which leaves absolutely no one off the table. In that respect, the shorter version is going to make a great match for teenagers and young adults while the longer Quiver is more appropriate for grown up adults.

As far as width goes, the NRS Quiver creates a bit of a distinction between the two versions but nothing major. Since the 9 feet Quiver is targeting younger paddlers, it comes at 36 inches in width to create as much stability as possible whereas the 10 feet model comes in an inch thinner to enable easier motion and fluidity.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that both boards are impressively easy to balance since the average width in the industry is hardly 30 inches.

Thickness is also a defining element since it often translates into quality. Indeed, both Quiver boards come at an impressive 6 inches in thickness in order to fully support the paddler and keep the board from bending at the center under excessive weight.

Before we jump into conclusions, the NRS Quiver is a hulk and that means it is capable of handling up to 250 pounds easily which is plenty for as many as two passengers. However, while it is a great luxury, the board would perform far better if you are significantly under the weight limit.


NRS Quiver iSUPSince this is a river board, NRS was keen on making the Quiver one of the toughest inflatable paddle boards on the market. Indeed, this board is simply a wonder in terms of both design and resilience.

Accordingly, the board’s strength is accentuated via axis technology, which is a unique material that the brand utilizes to build its premium boards.

Unlike most commercial iSUPs, the NRS Quiver is made of a special stiffening double layered PVC coat that gets significantly firmer upon contact with external elements.

The material in question doesn’t add weight to the board nor does it make it harder to roll up once deflated. However, you can rest assured that the Quiver won’t get damaged even in the toughest environments. Not to forget, this board was created for down river paddling.

Moreover, the NRS Quiver boards are put together via an incredibly resilient drop stitch construction with precise and dense stitches to minimize the possibility of punctures and grant the hull an unbreakable seal.

In brief, the NRS Quiver is an excellent board with a virtually indestructible hull and that is one of the main reasons why the Quiver is often compared to hard wooden boards.


Features are a critical part of every inflatable paddle board. However, the NRS Quiver seems to lean more towards authenticity than actually iSUP etiquette. Indeed, the Quiver maintains some of the essential features found on inflatable paddle boards without overcrowding the platform, giving the paddler an authentic hard board view.

  • First thing, NRS knows the value of a good gripping pad and the Quiver is one board that truly needs a formidable anti slipping aid. Hence, both versions of this board feature a lengthy Eva Pad that is both soft and grippy which will enable you to maintain great stability and grant you better control.

  • Further, the boards in question choose to commit to the much needed transportation handles. Accordingly, the Quiver comes with two front handles for wild down river paddling and a central carry handle for easier individual transportation on land. Also, there are two extra handles on both ends of the board in case you need a helping hand to transport the inflated board around.

  • In tribute to the iconic D-ring tradition, both Quiver models feature a stainless steel ring at the center, the tail and beneath the nose of the board. These rings can serve multiple purposes such as installing an ankle leash, a cargo net attachment or a means to secure the board.

  • A high quality Leafield D7 valve is one of the features not to miss on this board because it helps facilitate the entire inflation / deflation process. Indeed, this valve is developed by the marines to have an improved inflation / deflation speed, clean the seal surface to reduce the risk of leakage and tuck away once the process is completed.

NRS Quiver - Features


In term of performance, the Quiver is simply impressive to say the least. Truly, this board is designed to thrive in white water environments, making it one of the best professional boards on the market.

Hence, the Quiver in both sizes features a lifting flat nose which will facilitate rotation and manoeuver significantly once you rock your weight on the tail.

Also, the boards come with a set of replaceable fins to suit shallow and deep water accordingly. Finally, the dual fin navigation system design on the Quiver is the cherry on top of the cake and the treat that will enable you to glide and manoeuver your way easily on violent currents.


As far as accessories go, NRS is providing you with pretty much all you’ll need to enjoy your experience on these boards. Accordingly, the Quiver comes with:

  • A high quality carry bag backpack
  • A high pressure hand pump with pressure gauge
  • A repair kit
  • Two sets of fins – two Whitewater fins and two Allwater fins


  • The NRS Escape iSUP board comes in 2 different sizes
  • It’s an awesome and super durable Downriver board
  • It’s stable, fast and easy to control and maneuver
  • It’s comes with a rear kick-pad
  • The package includes two Whitewater fins and two Allwater fins
  • It comes with 3 years warranty and a great package


  • The NRS Quiver is a pricey iSUP
  • It does not come with a paddle
  • It has no tie-down system