PEAK 11′ Expedition Inflatable SUP Board Review

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If you are looking for a well-made inflatable paddle board that offers stability, ruggedness, and ample compacity to carry gear or your four-legged friend, you’ll want to check out the Peak Expedition. Our experts have tried many, many (did we say many) iSUPs, and this one is certainly a keeper.

This affordable board is perfect for getting out on the water whether it’s your first time or just looking for another great board to add to your fleet, you’ll want to check out the Expedition.

PEAK 11′ Expedition Review — Features & Specs

  • Soft EVA deck pad makes it Family and Pet Friendly
  • Stable and Great for All Skill Levels & Conditions
  • Rear ankle leash D-ring
  • Tri-fin setup
  • Nose and Tail Carry Handles
  • Front and Rear Bungee System for your gear
  • Can fit an Extra Person, Dog or Cooler
  • Stylish topographic design on Nose and Tail 
  • Package includes:
    • Board
    • 3 Piece Aluminum Adjustable Travel Paddle
    • Carry Back Pack
    • High-Pressure Dual Action Pump
    • Removable Travel Fin (No Tool Required)
    • Coil Leash
    • BONUS - Waterproof Phone Case

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Dimensions 11' Long x 32" Wide x 6" Thick
Material Drop stitch & Lightweight Military Grade Dual Layer PVC
Weight limit 275 lbs
Number of D-rings 11 D-rings

  • 6 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 4 more D-rings on the tail attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 rear ankle leash D-ring
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins Tri-fin setup
Volume 238 Liters
Carry handles 3 carry handles
Warranty 30 day return guarantee + 1-year material


PEAK 11' Expedition Inflatable SUP BoardThe Peak Expedition is a great looking board given its sharply designed body and neat features. If you just starting to look at iSUPs, you’ll want to pay attention to the length, width, and thickness of the board. All of these will factor into how stable the board is going to be and how easy it will be to paddle and maneuver.

First things first though; this board is 11 feet long which makes it on the large end of the iSUP range. Being a little longer helps with activities such as long-distance touring, recreational paddling, fitness, and more.

Even better, the Peak Expedition is 32 wide, which makes it a rather stable board. This makes it great for those learning how to get their balance or if you’re wanting to use it for something like fishing.

As for thickness, the Peak Expedition is 6 inches thick, which for an all-around type board like this is perfect for added stability and added weight capacity over thinner boards.

You’ll find other boards on the market (usually cheaper) that are barely 4 inches thick. I’m not saying that 4 inches are bad, but it’s a fact; the thicker the board the more stable and stiff it’ll be on the water.

Also, the thickness aspect on this board allows it to support up to 275 lbs, which could include up to 2 adults, but more than likely an adult and a child or dog or gear.


To make any inflatable product worth going for, brands like the Peak Paddle Boards knew that it’s necessary to build a board that was tough enough to take some abuse while still making it affordable for beginners looking to get into the sport.

The Peak Expedition is made of top quality military-grade PVC material that makes sure the board is super tough and hard once fully inflated. This material is quite durable and it’s meant to last for years if it properly stored.

Another thing about this iSUP’s quality is the drop-stitch technology that holds all of the board’s parts together in a way that makes it look like one piece which is a sign of professional and precise body construction.

The Peak Expedition is built using multi-layers to make it thicker, stiffer, and durable. Thus, and as a recommendation; being a friendly user is going to only serve to prolong your board’s life span.

PEAK 11′ Expedition iSUP


It’s always this part that makes standup paddle boarding outstanding. These features that we’re going to see are what encourage a lot of people to go for this friendly water sport. Let’s start with what’s obvious:

  • The Peak Expedition comes in 2 beautiful colors; aqua and moss. The aqua leans towards making the board a watery and spiritual iSUP, while the moss seems to look rigged and adventurous. With the topographic design; both look great, to be honest.
  • This board also comes with 2 carry handles; one is central, while the other is on the board’s tail. They both come really handy when moving the inflated board around, or pulling it out of water.
  • Next, there are two storage areas; one is on the front, like usual, with 6 rigid stainless steel D-rings that are connected with a durable bungee cord. The second storage area is near the board’s end with 4 D-rings and a bungee cord as well. This space is meant for anyone who needs or wants to take a cooler onboard either for snack and drinks or for fishing, as it won’t take up much space given the fact that the board is 11 feet long.
  • There is an 11th D-ring on the board’s tail for safety leash attachment.
  • Also, the Peak Expedition is featured with a great brushed EVA pad that covers most of the board’s back making it very easy to move safely without your feet skidding.
  • And finally, this awesome board is featured with a great trio-fin navigation system which would turn any board into a highly versatile one. The central fin is large and removable while the other two are smaller and fixed.

If anything at all, this board is quite perfect when it comes to its features and how functional they are.

PEAK 11' Expedition - Features


To begin with, this board is something when it comes to balance. Being 11 feet long and 32 inches wide is not something to take lightly. The width of the Peak Expedition is a huge plus; it makes it super stable, very sturdy, as it also helps the rider pick up the basic techniques of stand up paddle boarding in no time.

The thickness of the Peak Expedition and how stiff it leaves no room for flexing even when you reach max weight capacity. The board will remain to be stable and easy-going with a great response to the paddle and body movement even if there were 2 riders or extra cargo on board.

Moreover, this board is not wobbly at all; it tracks beautifully in flat water thanks to the neat navigation system, as it helps you maintain your body balance thanks to the thick traction pad, and to how large and wide it is.

All in all, and honestly, there is no issue whatsoever with this board that can affect its performance; it’s smooth, strong, and pretty responsive in different ways.


PEAK 11' Expedition - PackageThe package of the Peak Expedition is a neat and complete one; it comes with all the necessary accessories to make any board a good one. In this package, you’ll find:

  • A floatable adjustable 3 piece Alloy paddle with a nylon blade.
  • A strong travel backpack where you can transport or store the whole thing. its quality is great with really nice patted straps.
  • A 10 feet coil ankle leash that matches the board’s color.
  • A waterproof phone case as a gift.
  • The previously mentioned large removable fin.
  • And a high-pressure dual action 15 psi pump with gauge.

One thing is missing; a repair kit. It’s sad for such a great iSUP to miss something like this that could’ve been easily added to the package. However; being a friendly user might result in never needing a repair kit.


  • The Peak Expedition comes in a great all-inclusive package.
  • It comes in two different colors.
  • It comes with matching accessories.
  • It’s super stable in flat water.
  • It does great for a touring iSUP or fishing.
  • It comes with a huge storage area on both the deck and tail.
  • Its body design and construction are clean-cut and super rigid.
  • You’ll get 30-day return guarantee and a year warranty.


  • Peak Expedition’s package lacks a repair kit, which could with any SUP.
  • The color choices are limited
  • The bag only has one compartment to it. Not a big deal, but it would be nice to have extra pockets.
  • While we think it’s priced right, it still isn’t a cheap board like the ROC or FunWater boards, but you will get a much better value out of the Expedition.