Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak Review [2023]

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It’s been a while now that inflatable products had their industrial breakthrough making various water activities a lot more practical and accessible to almost everyone.

Products of all shapes, sizes, and purposes are one way or another available in high-quality inflatable versions that’ll save you a lot of cash while offering something nearly as good as the hard or authentic product can promise.

An inflatable kayak is an ultimate example for what I’m trying to say here; the Sea Eagle 370 inflatable kayak is this review’s focus and we’re glad to say that this kayak is one hell of a versatile one that we’re not afraid to bring to the light because we believe it’s worth your while.

Sea Eagle as a brand started making kayaks back in the ’60s and it continued to do so while making a lot of modifications and improvements to make those kayaks more functional and durable as they are today. In other words, owning a Sea Eagle product means that you know exactly what you want and what you’re doing.

So, and without further due, let’s see how it looks.


The Sea Eagle 370 is designed to carry up to 3 adults and that’s something around 295 kg (650 lbs). If you really had to put 3 people on this kayak, all of them would be comfortably seated because it measures 381 cm (12 feet and 6 inches) in length and 86 cm (2 feet and 10 inches) in width. The total interior is 325 cm (10 feet and 8 inches) which still proves how roomy is this kayak. However, 2 people would be most comfortable with their legs nicely stretched for a long ride instead of 3.

Sea Eagle SE370 inflatable Kayak Review

When deflated, the Sea Eagle weighs 15 kg (32 lbs) in total making it a lightweight kayak which leads us back to the primary purpose of an inflatable kayak; practicality with yet good quality and performance. This way, you’ll always have your kayak on you wherever you go without as much trouble as with a hard one.

The Sea Eagle 370 is a neat sport kayak that could be easily handled given its weight and dimensions, and what’s even better is the set of features that we’ll see in the next parts of the review.

Sea eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak Review

Build Quality

Sea Eagle is a pioneer in the industry of inflatable kayaks, and if that says anything at all, it means they know all the tricks to make a strong and durable inflatable kayak.

So let’s get things straight before we see what the Sea Eagle 370 is made of; as long as this latter is an inflatable, you got to always keep in mind that being a friendly user is a must if you want to prolong your kayak’s life span. We’re not saying that the Sea Eagle 370 can’t take some serious beating but caution was never a bad idea.

The Sea Eagle 370 is built using 38 mil PolyKrylar (K80 PVC) material that is known for being extremely durable and resistant to UV rays, gas, oil, and many other chemicals that might occur in the water. Also, the inflatable I-beam construction is the perfect floor for any kayak because it’s thick, comfortable, and rigid all at the same time.

Now, if you take a closer look at all the kayak’s parts, you’ll notice how neatly and professionally everything is fused together to look and feel like a one molded piece thanks to the high frequency welded seam.

Consequently, this kayak is NMMA Certified which means it complies with industry safety and construction standards and federal regulations.

Now to do the Sea Eagle fairness, we have to admit that their kayaks have known nothing but praise and success throughout the years thanks to their authenticity and dedication.

As a result, their business is still going strong in the present day and people are very satisfied with every purchase that has the name Sea Eagle on it.


This is the part of the review where things usually get loaded because the Sea Eagle 370 is fully equipped to ensure a wholesome experience for anyone who’s into kayaking or boating.

  • Let’s start with what’s obvious; the Sea Eagle 370 is featured with 1 or 2 inflatable kayak seats that could be easily attached/detached.


  • There is also a Bow & Stern Grab Line on each end of the kayak and they’re meant to help you drag and transport the kayak once fully inflated.


  • Next, you’ll find 5 deluxe one-way valves on the Sea Eagle 370 and they’re highly praised for the featured inner diaphragm that allows air to be pumped in without escaping afterward.


  • Moreover, this kayak is featured with an Open and close drain valve to allow a safe and easy draining process whenever needed.


  • To reduce the amount of water that gets into the kayak so you don’t need to bother about draining that much, the Sea Eagle 370 is featured with Lashed down inflatable spray skirts on both ends; they work very nicely preventing a good deal of water from getting everything wet.


  • To improve their kayak’s performance, Sea Eagle featured it with 2 skegs on the bottom for better tracking and speed. Thanks to this feature, the Sea Eagle 370 is admitted to be easier to control and maneuver while paddling becomes smoother and less daunting.

Sea Eagle SE370 - Features


The part where we said that the Sea Eagle 370 is a highly versatile kayak is the most real part about it; this kayak comes in 4 different packages to meet the needs of different users and offer more possibilities to how it could be used. Let’s talk about the first package:

The Deluxe Package:

Once you order this package, you’ll get the Sea Eagle 370 along with:

  • 2 double end asymmetrical paddles with aluminum shafts and fibrylon blades. You can break them down to 4 pieces and fit them anywhere for easy transportation.
  • 2 SEC kayak seats that are comfortable with good back support.
  • A high capacity foot pump that comes with a set of adaptors. It’s pretty compact for easy packing.
  • A carry bag with a shoulder strap where you can fit the whole thing.
  • And a small repair kit.

The Sport Fishing Package:

This package is designed specifically for the fishing enthusiasts to offer them a better kayaking experience because a kayak could actually be a great choice for fishing. The package includes:

  • 1 double end asymmetrical paddle
  • 1 deluxe inflatable kayak seat
  • A foot pump
  • A small repair kit
  • A carry bag
  • And a multi-purpose storage box with 2-rod holders

This is the ultimate fisher’s kayak that could everything you’d expect from it on a good budget actually.


The Pro Kayak Package:

This package is the nearest thing to a standard one yet with a lot of professionalism to it because it’ll leave no room for needed items or accessories. This package offers:

  • 2 double end asymmetrical paddles.
  • 2 deluxe inflatable kayak seats.
  • A foot pump.
  • A small repair kit
  • And a carry bag.


The QuickSail Package:

We kept this last package till the end because we frankly happened to find it the most interesting; Sea Eagle presents this kayak with:

A universal kayak sail with a strong aluminum frame that’ll allow the kayak to sail up to 7 knots. This sail supports self-standing and hands-free mode so that you can paddle your way a lot smoother. Also, the sail is breakable in order to guarantee an easy packing and storage process.

  • The rest of the package includes 2 double end asymmetrical paddles.
  • 2 deluxe inflatable kayak seats.
  • A foot pump.
  • An electric pump.
  • A repair kit
  • And a carry bag.


Sea Eagle 370 Review – Bottom Line

Coming to an end of our review, we couldn’t be more pleased with what the Sea Eagle 370 has to offer; the packages are amazingly affordable given the quality of the accessories and the kayak itself, every feature on the kayak comes quite handy and useful once in the water and most importantly, this is a kayak you’ll be able to bring along anywhere you go because it shrinks to the size of a shoulder carry bag.

The Sea Eagle 370 could be one of the most versatile kayaks out there and the fact that it holds the Sea Eagle trademark is enough of a sign to know that you’re in the right place to get an inflatable kayak.

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