Ten Toes 10′ Weekender Inflatable SUP Board Review

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Achieving quite a success in a short period of time thanks to hard work, invention and real passion; Ten Toes managed to create an inflatable standup paddle boards’ line that was able to meet the needs of all different water enthusiasts around the world.

The thing about Ten Toes is that they kept the authentic soul of surfing present in all of their inflatable boards that are the nearest thing to hard boards in an attempt to combine the strength of an authentic with the practicality of an inflatable.

In this review, we’ll get to closely know one of Ten Toes coolest iSUPs that comes in various colors; the Weekender. With no further due; let’s talk measurements.

Ten Toes Weekender Review — Features & Specs

  • Comfort diamond groove traction pad for all day paddling
  • A practical cargo tie-down system for securing your belongings
  • Rear ankle leash D-ring
  • 1 center carry handle
  • 3 removable nylon fins
  • Package includes:
    • Board
    • 3Pc adjustable & lightweight aluminum paddle
    • Manual pump
    • 3 removable nylon fins
    • Backpack

Dimensions 10' Long x 30" Wide x 6" Thick
Material Military grade PVC material with Drop-Stitch construction
Weight limit 250 lbs
Number of D-rings 7 D-rings

  • 6 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 1 rear ankle leash D-ring
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins Tri-fin setup
Volume N/A
Carry handles 1 center carry handle
Warranty 1 year warranty


Ten Toes Weekender inflatable paddle board reviewThe Weekender is an all-round iSUP that measures 10 feet in length, 30 inches in width and 6 inches for thickness which when all are combined together, in my humble opinion, results in the best possible iSUP for touring, beginners, recreation and a lot of other different activities.

The wider the board the more stable it’ll be; it’s a fact. The Weekender here leans towards what’s known to be a standard iSUP that respects the universal measurements of an inflatable paddle board; it’s almost impossible to find an iSUP that is less than 30 inches in width.

As for thickness, this board is given a solid 6 inches to keep it comfortably floating over water even when it reaches its weight capacity (250 lbs). This aspect is what will help you balance your body while paddling in different water conditions.


Ten Toes choose to make their inflatable standup paddle boards using the best materials known to prolong the life of the board and make it virtually indestructible.

The Weekender is made of military-grade PVC that is meant to take different natural conditions, and for the board to maintain its shape and rigidity even with extensive use.

This is a very durable board thanks to the drop stitch technology that is always present in the making process of inflatable SUPs. This quality adds up greatly to the value of this board making it extremely flexible and rigid at the same time.

One more thing to praise about the Weekender is its strong body that never fails to make anyone think that there are no pieces glued to each other; it does simulate an authentic board is a very neat way.

Ten Toes Weekender inflatable SUP - Colors


  • One awesome thing about the Weekender is that is comes in many different colors (Black/Red, Blue, Bullish Pink, Green, Seafoam, Coral, Marine) that are certain to suit different tastes.


  • Let’s talk the usual now. Each and every iSUP of these is featured with a diamond grooved traction pad that is thick, soft and grippy. This pad is extremely important when it comes to standup paddle boarding; simply because this sport is all about balance, safety and comfort.


  • Next, you’ll find a storage space with 6 D-rings on the nose making a great cargo net.


  • The Weekender features an additional D-ring on the tail for anyone who’d need to attach a safety leash.


  • It also sports a central carry handle for easy transportation.


  • Also, the navigation system on this board is a great one. It consists of 3 fins; one of which is removable, large and central while the other 2 are, like usual, smaller and fixed. These fins have the ability to make any board a versatile one adding so much more fun to your paddling experience.


Ten Toes Weekender come in a complete all-inclusive package which includes the following :

  • The board
  • A hand pump
  • A 3 pc adjustable and light weight aluminum paddle
  • Tri-fin setup
  • And a carry backpack where you can easily fit the whole thing, store it and transport it
  • A repair kit

Ten Toes Weekender inflatable SUP Board Review


The Weekender is everything but slow or clumsy. This board is one of the swiftest iSUPs ever made by Ten Toes.

To begin with, this board is an all-round iSUP that is meant for touring and recreational paddling; you’d realize that given its length. A touring iSUP requires a smooth performance and a high level of responding so that paddling doesn’t grow tiresome. The Weekender is very responsive to the paddle’s movements as well as the rider’s body.

In terms of balance, I can say that the Weekender is a stable as any iSUP could be. The width and thickness measurements are pretty much the best in the market for most quality iSUPs.

And finally; being such a stiff iSUP, the Weekender feels amazing in flat water especially with its ability for tracking in a straight line with minimum effort. Thus, as far as I’m concerned; this is not a board to miss or regret having.



  • The Weekender comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from
  • It comes in a complete all-inclusive package
  • It’s a great recreational paddle board
  • It features a cargo net on the deck which is functional and looks absolutely awesome
  • It’s very well put-together and it performs quite well on various water conditions
  • It’s tracks and it glides well
  • It’s featured with one of the best traction pads


  • We couldn’t think of any for the time being.