UBOWAY Inflatable Paddle Board Review

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Every year we’re all super excited about summer because it’s that time of the year where we get to enjoy the sun, water and good company, and since stand up paddle boarding’s popularity is only growing by time passing, you’ll find plenty of brands all competing to make versatile quality inflatable SUPs to contribute to your summer or water time in general.

The Uboway inflatable SUP is one of those paddle boards that are made to be everyone’s because it’s just that simple, versatile and 100% functional with all known features and qualities of a good iSUP for an unbeatable price.

In this review, you’ll get a closer look at the Uboway iSUP which might end up at your door step.

UBOWAY 10′ iSUP Review – Features & Specs

  • Soft EVA deck pad
  • Front tie-down system for storing your belongs
  • Leash attachment D-ring on the tail
  • 2 convenient carry handles
  • Tri-fin setup
  • Package includes:
    • An adjustable Paddle
    • A carry Backpack
    • A hand pump
    • An Elastic rope
    • A Fin
    • A Repair kit

Dimensions 10' Long x 30" Wide x 6" Thick
Material Double layer PVC & drop-stitch technology
Weight limit 275 Lbs
Number of D-rings 5 D-rings

  • 4 D-rings on the nose connected with a bungee cord
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins Tri-fin setup
Volume N/A
Carry handles 2 carry handles
Warranty 2 Year Warranty


UBOWAY Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ReviewWe technically can’t say that the Uboway is on the multi-person iSUPs’ list but it’s not small either and this is the good thing about it; it’s a great paddle board for beginners and it’ll do perfectly well for any fully grown adult unless you find yourself to be a large person who needs a bigger iSUP than the 10 feet long Uboway to handle your height and weight.

Moving on, stability is key when it comes to how far an iSUP can make it; that’s why the Uboway is 30 inches wide which is as good as it can get for a 10 feet iSUP. This width is enough to assure you a stable ride especially if you’re already used to stand up paddle boarding.

As for thickness; the Uboway is a solid 6 inches and that being said, you’ll have nothing to wonder about because any decent iSUP should hit the number 6 in terms of thickness unless if it’s meant to handle a low weight capacity. Speaking of which, the Uboway can take up to 125 kg (275 lbs) which as we mentioned earlier is a fully grown adult plus cargo or little ball of fur who’d like to enjoy water as well.


To remain within the ideal world of quality inflatable SUPs, Uboway chose the number one material known to this industry in order to make their board; military grade PVC material.

This later is capable of both; being flexible and rigid. This material is highly praised for its durability and ability to withstand different harsh natural circumstances. Thus, it’s only normal to find that it’s the standard material used to build most inflatable products.

There is also the drop stitch technology that’s worth mentioning; it’s an innovative technique to connect all layers of the board’s body in a way so tight leaving no room for human error. As a result; the Uboway is neat-looking iSUP with a strong and coherent body.

UBOWAY Inflatable SUP - Build Quality


Uboway made sure their iSUP doesn’t lack any of the features known to this friendly water sport so that you don’t miss on anything with this good boy.

To not hold you for longer than it should take; here are the all the features you need to know about:

  • A traction pad covers half the board’s back so that you can safely and comfortably paddle your way through water without slipping and without your feet getting so tired.


  • Next there is a tie-down system on the board’s front with 4 D-rings and a bungee cord so that you can secure the paddle or any extra items to the board while you paddle around worry-free about losing them.


  • Another feature got to be the central carry handle which is an iconic part of any iSUP. This handle works like magic; no matter how large the board could be, you’ll still be able to carry it using only one hand. It also comes super handy when try to get back on the board after you fell off while having fun.


  • Another version of the Uboways iSUP is featured with 4 extra D-rings for anyone who’d like to attach a kayak seat. It’s a nice add for anyone who likes to sit while paddling either for a break or to give your upper body a little workout.


  • The navigation system is also present with 3 fins with the large central one being removable for easy/safe packing. Expectedly; the lateral fins are smaller and fixed.


  • Finally, there is an extra D-ring for safety leash attachment right next to the valve on the board’s tail.

UBOWAY iSUP - Features


UBOWAY iSUP - Package

As far as I’m concerned; a good complete package can sometimes make for some downsides if there were any to begin with.

The Uboway were really thoughtful when it came to their board’s package and included all of the following:

  • An adjustable 3-piece aluminum paddle.
  • A repair kit in case of a bad day.
  • A hand pump with gauge.
  • A fin.
  • A leash.
  • And a travel backpack.

This is literally everything you’ll ever need along with an inflatable SUP. Looking at it this way; Uboway did a great job on this one.


When speaking iSUPs’ performance, one is mainly concerned with stability, speed and control or maneuverability.
The Uboway is versatile all-around iSUP that is easy to control given its dimensions and hull shape, as it’s also capable of taking some beating if it had to.

In terms of speed, an all-round board is not normally meant to break any record because it’s generally meant for recreational touring and since the Uboway is a stable iSUP, yoga is also an option. However, riding some waves for fun or racing with friends is highly achievable because the navigation system has something to do with as well; tracking and smooth water cutting shouldn’t be a problem using some elbow grease.


  • The Uboway is a standard 10 feet iSUP.
  • It can take up to 275 lbs
  • It’s stable (30 inches wide)
  • It’s a great choice for beginners.
  • It comes with a very nice complete package.
  • You’ll get it all for a really unbeatable price.


  • There was no noticeable con so far whatsoever; in case of anything taking a different turn we sure are to keep you updated.