Zray A1 9’10” Inflatable Paddle Board Review

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If there is anything anyone should know about the Zray as a brand, it’ll be how strong and dedicated of a brand it is. The Zray makes different inflatable products along with their needed accessories for better purchase experiences.

In this review, we’ll introduce one of their strongest and most favored inflatable stand up paddle boards which reflects the amount of hard work put into building a name like the Zray.

In today’s post we’ll be looking at “Zray A1” which is one of the best inflatable paddle boards that Zray has to offer. So, let us get started.

ZRay A1 Review — Features & Specs

  • Large, comfortable deck pad
  • A practical cargo tie-downs for securing your belongings
  • Multiple D-rings around the pad for kayak seat attachment
  • Footrest
  • 2 carry handles
  • Tri-fin setup
  • Package includes:
    • The board
    • Removable seat
    • Unsinkable aluminium SUP paddle /Adjustable 65"-85"/ T handle
    • Waterproof phone case
    • Central fin
    • Footrest
    • High pressure pump.Inflate the sup in about 5-10 minis
    • Backpack

Dimensions 9'10" Long x 30" Wide x 6" Thick
Material PVC material and strong multi-layer drop stitch
Weight limit 264 lbs
Number of D-rings 12 D-rings

  • 6 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 4 D-rings around the pad for kayak seat attachment
  • 1 Rear ankle leash D-ring
  • 1 extra D-ring beneath the tail
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins Tri-fin setup
Volume 246L
Carry handles 2 carry handles
Warranty 1 year warranty


Zray 9'10" A1 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ReviewThe Zray A1 is an all-round inflatable standup paddle board that measures 9.10 feet in length, 30 inches in width and 6 inches for thickness. It’s not that of a large iSUP but it can comfortably take up to 264 lbs which can be a large rider.

The Zray A1 is designed for long distances touring experience in different water conditions which explains these dimensions. Exploring the water and smoothly cruising through lakes or rives should be so much fun with an iSUP that you can easily control and handle.

The 30 inches width will make sure you’re stable and balanced on top of the board, while the 6 inches thickness will support your weight and enhance the board’s performance even when it reaches its weight capacity.

The deflated board weighs 29 lbs once rolled up and ready be packed; you might think it’s on the heavy side, but that’s for a reason; the quality material used to build the Zray A1 says it all.


Zray is known for their heavy duty materials that are used to build all of their inflatable products. With a brand that has so much dedication at heart and so much innovation to offer; the Zray made sure that each and every iSUP of theirs is made to meet the best universal standards for strong and durable iSUPs.

The Zray A1 is made of military grade PVC material that is universally known to be choice number one when it comes to making inflatable paddle boards. This material is meant to make the board rock hard once fully inflated; it’s strong, rigid and durable.

Another thing that is used to reinforce the Zray A1’s body is the drop stitch material that’ll make the board super stiff and dense since it can take high air pressure levels.

Also, the tarpaulin meshed cloth along with the rail seam tape make this board virtually indestructible; with all its parts held together like one rigid piece, the Zray A1 will serve its purpose for many years to come.

Zray 9'10" A1 Inflatable SUP - Features


  • The Zray A1, like the rest of Zray’s iSUPs, it featured with an EVA traction pad that feels and looks great. It’s sharp, neat and comfortable to make sure your feet and body enjoy their paddling experience.


  • You’ll also find that this board is featured with 12 stainless steel D-rings to serve different purposes. 6 of which are on the nose to function as a storage area thanks to the featured bungee system. Another 4 D-rings are around the pad in case you wanted to use a kayak seat, and the last 2 are on the board’s tail for safety leash attachment.


  • Another feature is the carry handles; one is central, the second is near the valve on the tail. These handles are soft yet very rigid for a comfortable and firm grip. This way, transporting the inflated board is an easy task.


  • A great feature now is the foot-rest which will allow you to sit very comfortably while paddling. It’s very easy to attach/detach and it’s honestly a smart add that you won’t find on many inflatable paddle boards.


  • Last but not least, the Zray A1 is built with a navigation system that consists of 3 fins; one of which is central, large and removable, while the other 2 are lateral, smaller and fixed. These fins work like magic in different water conditions to ensure a straight and stable tracking.


Zray A1 Inflatable Paddle Board - PackageIf there is any word I’d choose to describe the Zray A1’s package it would be “perfect”. This is one hell of a dream package for anyone who wants and needs to save themselves the trouble of separately looking for items and accessories.
In this package, you’ll find:

  • A removable kayak seat
  • A high pressure hand pump
  • An aluminum adjustable paddle
  • A large removable fin
  • A closing belt to keep the folded iSUP in place
  • A footrest to comfortably paddle while sitting
  • A backpack where you can fit the whole thing
  • And a waterproof phone case as a gift

Now say that this is not perfect! I know it’s missing a repair kit; but being a friendly user with such a strong board will definitely save you the need to ever use one.


The Zray A1 is an absolutely good looking iSUP that has a lot to offer beside looks.

This board glides very smoothly as it cruises different water conditions; it’s mainly swift, responsive and very stable. With a little practice, anyone will get a grasp of how to completely control it thanks to the tri-fin system and the 30 inches width.

I wouldn’t say that the Zray A1 is a fast board, however, it is a great touring iSUP that’ll make sure you are comfortable while paddling; especially with the featured foot-rest and the soft traction pad.


  • The greatest thing about the Zray A1 is definitely the perfect complete package.
  • It’s featured with a foot-rest and a kayak seat.
  • Its design and construction material make it very strong and durable.
  • You can use this board for different activities starting including recreational paddling, touring…etc.
  • It’s suitable for all levels including beginners for how stable it is.


  • If I had to point out any downside to the Zray A1 it’d probably be the missing repair kit; but to be honest, it’s not a big deal when you get yourself such a strong iSUP. However, always be a friendly user.