Zray W1 & W2 Windsurf Inflatable Paddle Board Review

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Zray may not be deeply rooted in the industry yet but its concise collection has managed to pull in some of the most dedicated fan bases an iSUP brand could ever have. The thing Zray does best is diversity.

This is a brand that focused on diversifying its line of inflatable paddle boards no matter how short it is to make sure it caters for the needs of most paddlers out there. Hence, from touring to straight out fishing boards, Zray has got it all figured out.

A great example of the branching nature of Zray is the new Zray windsurf iSUP. This is arguably a unique inflatable board because windsurfing is not very welcoming of iSUPs. So, will this Zray change that?

Let’s figure out how it can:

Zray W1 & W2 Windsurf Review — Features & Specs

  • 32" extra-width board with central fin system provides more stability
  • Multiple D-rings attached with an elastic bungee to store personal belongings
  • Crocodile Skin EVA provide more stability and protection
  • 6 inches in thickness
  • Soft fabric handle provides more comfort to your hand
  • Package includes :
    • Fins
    • Hand pump
    • Carry bag

  • Zray W1 : 10' long x 32" wide x 6" thick
  • Zray W2 : 10'6" long x 32" wide x 6" thick
Material Military-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction
Weight limit
  • Zray W1 : 264lbs
  • Zray W2 : 320lbs
Number of D-rings
  • 4 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 4 Stainless steel D-rings around the pad for kayak seat attachment
  • 1 D-ring on the tail for safety leash attachment
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 2 large fins
  • Zray W1 : 255L
  • Zray W2 : 270L
Carry handles 1 carry handle
Warranty 1 year warranty


Zray W1 & W2 Windsurf Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board reviewAs goes the habit on our website, measurements have always ranked first in terms of importance because they can help you quickly determine whether you’ll continue reading this article or continue looking for a better fit. The Zray windsurf SUP is defined by its size and that has quite some influence on user compatibility and performance.

First things first, length is definitely the most critical dimension for inflatable boards in general but it’s definitely the case for windsurf iSUPs. However, it would be forgivable to ignore the length of this board because at 10 feet, it is guaranteed to be compatible with adults, young adults and teenagers. Also, the worst enemy a windsurfer can have is their own board and that’s why 10 feet is considered to be a solid size for this sport.

The Zray at hand stands at a comfortable width of 32 inches because it’s simply necessary. Indeed, before all, this is still an entry level board for complete beginners and it would be rather irrational to go for a tight surface board. Windsurf out of all water sports is known for being one of the toughest balance challenges and that will be effectively made easier with a board this wide.

As far as thickness goes, the Zray Windsurf iSUP stands at an impressive 6 inches which is a lot more than most windsurf boards can offer. There are many reasons why thickness is significant for paddle boards but mainly it boils down to stability durability. It has been made clear in the past that thinner inflatable boards are just not okay because they tend to bend at the center under excessive pressure. So, to avoid all that nonsense, Zray went ahead and doubled the thickness of this board so you can surf mind-free.

Those would be the most significant dimensions of the Zray if it didn’t have a giant sail.

Hence, the sail on this board is indeed a giant as it measures 118 inches in mast and 51 inches at the bottom. This goes to show just how broad the sail is and consequently how capable it is to translate wind almost always to your favor.


Zray w1 & w2 Windsurf Inflatable Paddle Board reviewQuality is definitely a big issue for a lot of inflatable paddle boards and that makes it hard for these boards to gain the viewer’s trust. Hence, Zray decided to go full beast mode on the build of this board by adopting a full on military grade PVC hull which is just as sturdy as it sounds. Indeed, this is the exact same material that the army uses to build a lot of its tools such as zodiac boats and some bullet proof vests.

Besides being based on the toughest material that can float, the windsurf at hand further reinforces that base coat with an industrial drop stitch construction that perfectly seals all seems on the hull of the board thereby making it virtually indestructible.

As for the sail, Zray carries on the same build material and technique to make sure it is just as rigid as the board itself and even more, making it capable of performing nicely in light to moderate wind conditions.


Features are generally an attractive part about anything we’re intending to buy but it is especially the case for inflatable paddle boards since the variety is always impressive. So, let’s take a look at the best features of the Zray windsurf iSUP board:

  • As the tradition goes, we always tend to shed light on the gripping pad first because it is the only feature which you’ll definitely notice if it goes missing. Indeed, gripping pads are almost an essential part of inflatable boards and that’s why the Windsurf Zray comes with a design covering most of the used surface on the board. This will not only grant you stronger balance ability but it will also give you more command over the board.


  • Second feature which should have been first is the windsurf rig which gives this board its identity. This rig is more of a major component rather than a feature because it opens up more possibilities for the user beside touring and …


  • Moreover, to make the board even more versatile, Zray hooks it up with 4 D-rings around the pad which are meant to help you install a kayak seat. Also, the board comes with a tie-down system on the nose that can be used to store / transport anything from your sandals to your coolers.


  • Further, the Zray Windsurf comes equipped with a central carry handle to make carrying the board outside the water possible even when you’re on your own.


  • Eventually, we get down to the navigation system which is pretty much the generic windsurf kit. Generic in a good sense because the double fin system is often described as the best part about windsurfing because it grants you better control but most importantly, it empowers your sailing rig.

Zray Windsurf Inflatable SUP Board review


Did we mention earlier that this is an entry level windsurf inflatable board? Yes, we did.

Indeed, the Zray at hand is considered to be an entry level windsurf board but it is still capable of performing all the commands a pro can execute on a pro surfboard. Hence, it is important to focus on your experience as a learner because this is definitely the right place to start.

The board’s smooth edges, pointy lifting nose and giant sail will make your experience worthwhile as they enable the board to cruise smoothly and track nicely even in moderately tough wind conditions.


Here is Zray’s definition of a good package for the windsurf board:

  • A high pressure hand pump
  • A much needed paddle
  • A sailing rig
  • A back pack that can fit all of the above + deflated board


  • The Zray Windsurf iSUP comes in a complete package
  • It’s very well-built
  • It’s a great entry level windsurfing board


  • The Zray Windsurf is pricey
  • It can be a bit hard to setup especially if it’s your first time

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