Zray X1 9’9″ Inflatable Paddle Board Review

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Zray is relatively a newer brand when compared to something like Tower or ISLE, however, it’s one of the most promising brands in the industry.

Zray is the upcoming entry level connoisseur and that is a title that has been earned through several best selling entry level inflatable paddle boards. In fact, the brand has managed to assimilate a significant fan base through its entry level boards thanks to quality and user friendliness. So, can we say the same thing about the Zray X1?

Let’s figure it out:

ZRay X1 Review — Features & Specs

  • Extra long EVA textured foam
  • Bungee cord connected through 4 stainless steel D-rings
  • Rear ankle leash D-ring
  • Tri-fin setup
  • Multiple carry handles
  • Package includes:
    • Board
    • Removable seat
    • High pressure pump - Inflate the sup in about 5-10 min
    • Aluminum adjustable paddle
    • Removable Fin
    • Closing belt
    • Footrest
    • Backpack
    • Waterproof phone case

Dimensions 9'9" Long x 30" Wide x 6" Thick
Material High -grade PVC plus drop stitch construction
Weight limit 264 lbs
Number of D-rings 9 D-rings

  • 4 D-rings on the nose attached with a bungee cord
  • 4 more D-rings around the pad for kayak seat attachment
  • 1 rear ankle leash D-ring
Recommended PSI 15 PSI
Fins 1 large detachable fin
Volume 244 Liters
Carry handles 1 carry handle
Warranty 1 year warranty


Zray X1 Inflatable SUP Board ReviewFirst checkbox on the list has got to be measurements since it is the only thing which actually comes before quality. Indeed, quality is a significant criterion in every purchase but if the board just doesn’t fit then it doesn’t matter really.

Hence, the Zray X1 at hand comes at a comfortable 9’9″ in length which is almost a generic size for stand up paddle boards nowadays. To put it simply, the board is designed to fit most paddlers out there; so, if you’re an adult, a young adult or even a teenager then this board would be the perfect fit for you. Further, the length of the board reaches far beyond user comfort to impac performance as well. At 9 feet 9″, the Zray at hand is made strong enough to confront anything from steady lake water to white water.

Second, the width of the board is often regarded as a secondary dimension to thickness and height but as a matter of fact, it is just as significant. Truly, the width of the board can have a huge impact on your experience as a whole which is why Zray decided to go with a comforting 30 inches in width. It might not be the widest board in the game but this board is still wide enough to grant you a reliable platform upon which you can balance yourself easily. Also, with that much room, you’re allowed to move around continuously as you adjust yourself without the risk of falling off as is the case with race paddle boards which are tighter, thereby require advanced SUP”ing skills.

Down to thickness which is a dimension that has claimed its thrown only lately as iSUP manufacturers figured out that 4 inches is just not enough. Hence, the Zray X1 stands at an impressive 6 inches in thickness which is definitely more than you need but just what you deserve. At this thickness, you won’t have to worry about the board bending at the center under two passengers or when having fun with your kids or when you have your dog on board.

PS: The board can handle up to 320 lbs as a maximum weight capacity.


Now that we got measurements to the side, our biggest concern has got to be quality and for a very good reason too. Well, how can we put this without harming the industry…. Anything that is inflatable just doesn’t sound so sturdy, right? Well, wait till you find out what this board is made of.

Starting from the base line, the Zray X1 is built on the toughest military grade PVC material which is the same material that zodicas, river rafts and some bullet-proof vests are made of. This is indeed, a tough board and it has quite the evidence to back itself up.

Further, and to bring the board to even new heights of quality, Zray decided to go with the modern industrial drop stitch construction which perfectly seals all seams as it puts the hull together. This is a method that is guaranteed not to fail which cannot be said about more traditional builds.

Also, and to jump from theoretical to practice, Zray made sure these boards go under an extensive series of torture tests (dropping from extreme height – getting run over by SUVs…) to guarantee that it’s not only virtually indestructible but also realistically.

Zray X1 inflatable stand up paddle board


Some of the main features of this board are what truly make it eye catching. In fact, this board comes with an extension of specs and details that will make you appreciate your paddling journey more by the day. So, let’s check it out:

  • First thing that catches your attention when looking at the board is the sublime design. The smooth lifting nose, the round edges and the colour combination which all make this board extremely appealing even before delving into the actual features.


  • Also, the anti slip gripping Eva pad which covers around 40% of the board’s surface has got to be one of its finest features. Indeed, the pad will make a great companion through diverse environments as it will help you establish a firmer balance on the board and consequently enable you to control it better.


  • Moreover, the board also features a nice little set of 9 D-rings which are distributed evenly on the nose and around the pad. Starting on the nose, the Zray X1 features a little cargo net which consists of 4 rings connected via a bungee cord for carrying your belongings. The board features 4 more D-rings around the pad which are meant to install a kayak seat. Then, there is the rear single D-ring which can be used for ankle leash attachment.


  • Further, the Zray X1 is quite a versatile board but it is mostly compatible with touring intent. It comes with a single fin navigation system which is known for being the perfect pitch for most paddling activities. The single fin system might not track as nicely as the triple fin system but it definitely is way up with your expectations.


Speaking of navigation systems, it is important to understand that this is still an entry level paddle board but one with the potential of being a competitive iSUP. Indeed, the Zray X1 is one of the best builds for people who are intending to throw a swing at paddle board but it can also be appreciated by amateur paddlers.

The board at hand is a solid performer nevertheless as it is reinforced by a slick and dynamic design which allows it to perform quite well in most water environments and that cannot be said about most entry level boards. Also, the makers of the board rightly classified it as a versatile board best used for touring because the navigation system is just a breeze on steady water. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into navigating a board this large and that’s the epitome of performance.

PS: In the end, it must be kept in mind that this is a board which is designed for beginners afterall and that means that it’s built to focus more on balance and ease of use rather than racing.


Zray X1 iSUP - PackagePackaging is always an interesting side of inflatable paddle boards because it truly has the potential to make or break a deal. So, let’s check this deal out.

The board at hand comes with:

  • A removable kayak seat
  • An adjustable robust / light weight paddle
  • A high pressure hand pump
  • A free water proof phone case
  • A back pack carry bag to fit all of the above + the deflated board


  • Zray X1 comes in a complete package
  • It’s a great recreational paddle board that’s suitable for all skill levels
  • It’s designed to be a versatile recreational paddle board.
  • Its carry bag is quite large and stores everything without a hassle.
  • It’s easy to inflate/deflate.


  • Zray X1 can bit hard to control. It requires some guidance to track well.